Family law software for UK law firms hosted in the cloud

Turn to Quill for an all-in-one legal accounting, case and document management software solution bespoke for family law practitioners.

Why choose Quill for your family law practice?

Family law software needs to be like family lawyers themselves: problem-solving, efficient and tenacious. From opening new family law matters and sending out client care letters to filling in Form E financial statements and sending bills for payment of legal fees and disbursements, Quill’s legal software is the solution that does it all from start to finish. Effortlessly manage your contacts, cases, documents, accounts and business from anywhere with Quill’s easy-to-use, cloud-based system from a supplier that comes with the Law Society’s stamp of approval.

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Quill’s family law software solution

Legal accounting your way

Cashiering without the headache thanks to features like stopwatches and manual time recording, anomaly warnings and breach reports, easy e-chit submissions, reporting, billing templates, online payment links and LAA portal uploads. Plus, we offer a free licence to your accountant.

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A central store of documents

With our document management module and Microsoft Office integration, your documents, letters and forms are saved conveniently together, whatever their type – Word files, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, images, legal forms or Outlook emails.

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Make light work of bundling

Our Bundledocs integration allows you to create and paginate indexed, numbered and hyperlinked bundles for review by clients, to send to your barrister or in readiness for court, saving you valuable time.

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Maintain constant client contact

For complicated family matters, communicate with clients according to their preferred methods, including mobiles. With our SMS messaging tool, send text messages, matter updates and meeting reminders directly to your clients’ phones.

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Enjoy faster reconciliation

Track, receive and reconcile invoice payments from self-funded clients in a few clicks via our integration with Legl’s online payment system. It’s better for you and better for your clients – they enjoy a more modern experience too.

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“We were careful about choosing the right primary supplier to both better manage expenditure and enable us to work smarter. We’ve grown from two people to 45 and from £0 to £4.5 million annual turnover in our first five years. Quill’s products are fully scalable which has supported our growth to date and will continue to support us through future expansion.”

James Brown, Partner Hall Brown Family Law
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Family law casework without the legwork

Operate a paperless and efficient family law department with Quill and industry-recognised third-party integrators.