Family law software for UK law firms hosted in the cloud

Turn to Quill for an all-in-one legal accounting, case and document management software solution bespoke for family law practitioners.

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Why choose Quill for your family law practice?

Family law software needs to be like family lawyers themselves: problem-solving, efficient and tenacious. From opening new family law matters and sending out client care letters to filling in Form E financial statements and sending bills for payment of legal fees and disbursements, Quill’s legal software is the solution that does it all from start to finish. Effortlessly manage your contacts, cases, documents, accounts and business from anywhere with Quill’s easy-to-use, cloud-based system from a supplier that comes with the Law Society’s stamp of approval.

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Purpose-made for family lawyers

Action your separation and divorce matters. Advise on related finance and property issues. Undertake mediation for non-contentious settlements. Make the best decisions on child care arrangements. Progress your family matters smoothly from start to end. It’s your complete legal practice management platform.

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A family lawyer’s working day made easier

With automation assistance throughout each matter’s lifecycle, simplify and streamline each stage by using tasks and document templates as workflow tools, document bundling capabilities to take the pain out of court pack production, pre-population functionality to avoid data input errors, money and AML checking features for regulatory compliance assurance, automatic bank and Legal Aid Agency (LAA) uploads plus secure payment links to transform cash flow, and dashboard and reports to track progress and plan ahead. Quill gives you the ability to perform the right steps at the right time in the right way.

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Focus always on what matters

Where family law is concerned, there’s a lot at stake. These high-risk, high-value matters demand a system that gives you total control while strengthening security. To keep finances out of harm’s way, Quill contains features spanning electronic identity checking, credit screening, conflict searching to enhance KYC procedures from the word ‘go’, right through to bank account and sort code verification, digital payments, and bulk banking platform and LAA uploads to protect against financial crime.

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Integrations to get the job done

Quill integrates with a raft of third-party offerings, not least Veriphy’s anti-money laundering checks, FormEvo’s legal forms, Bundledocs’ electronic bundling and Legl’s online client payments – combining to help you save time, earn more, prevent mistakes and many more benefits besides. Data’s automatically transferred from one system to the other – be it client and case details, time recording and billing information, or forms and documents – so the two systems operate as a seamless whole.

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Comprehensive family law forms library

Our 2,000+ legal forms and e-submissions library caters for every family law requirement – including children forms C1 to C120, CB1 to CB7, FGM001 to FGM700, FP1 to FP25, PL08 to PL09; divorce forms D5 to D651, EX160, FE6 to FE17, FP1 to FP25, Form A to Form E to Form P, PPF to PPF2; and family law forms FL401 to FL701, and PNFC. Utilise pre-population, auto-calculation and e-submission functionality to complete and send complex forms with ease, supported by close Quill-FormEvo integration.

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Comply with stringent regulatory demands

Make child’s play of your regulatory obligations – namely the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s SRA Accounts Rules and SRA Standards & Regulations – by subscribing to legal accounting, case and document management software exclusively designed for your sector. With a section devoted to GDPR and functionality supporting LAA uploads, adhere to data protection rules and Legal Aid Agency demands respectively too.

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Quill’s family law software solution

Legal accounting your way

Cashiering without the headache thanks to features like stopwatches and manual time recording, anomaly warnings and breach reports, easy e-chit submissions, reporting, billing templates, online payment links and LAA portal uploads. Plus, we offer a free licence to your accountant.

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A central store of documents

With our DocsHub module and Microsoft Office integration, your documents, letters and forms are saved conveniently together, whatever their type – Word files, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, images, legal forms or Outlook emails.

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Make light work of bundling

Our Bundledocs integration allows you to create and paginate indexed, numbered and hyperlinked bundles for review by clients, to send to your barrister or in readiness for court, saving you valuable time.

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Maintain constant client contact

For complicated family matters, communicate with clients according to their preferred methods, including mobiles. With our SMS messaging tool, send text messages, matter updates and meeting reminders directly to your clients’ phones.

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Enjoy faster reconciliation

Track, receive and reconcile invoice payments from self-funded clients in a few clicks via our integration with Legl’s online payment system. It’s better for you and better for your clients – they enjoy a more modern experience too.

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Define your own modular system

At Quill, we pride ourselves on our pick-and-mix portfolio which gives Quill users the power to select from a wide array of modules – not only software but also outsourcing services – so that your front and back office runs optimally.

Our pricing

A pricing plan built for you

⚖ Essential ⚖

Legal accounts & Practice management

Get on the right track with legal accounts, matter management and time recording solutions to get you up and running quickly.


per user, per month

*plus initial £78/month for the first legal cashiering licence

Who’s it for?

Legal cashiers, fee earners & support staff

What’s included?
  • Legal accounts system
  • Matter management
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💡 Growth 💡

Case & document management

Allow fee earners to work in the cloud from anywhere with time-saving tools like document automation and MS Office integration.


per user, per month

*plus initial £56/month for the first legal cashiering licence

Who’s it for?

Fee earners

Everything in Essential, PLUS:
  • Document management
  • Case management
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⚡ Supercharge ⚡

Boost your software

Mix and match from our range available boosts and streamline even more of your processes with Quill.

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and find out which boosts will benefit you the most

Available boosts:
  • Quill Forms
  • Anti-money laundering checks
  • API integration
  • MoneyChain
  • Bundling
  • SMS messaging
  • Online payment portal
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Frequently asked questions

What is family law?

Family law practitioners provide support to individuals related to divorce, separation, child care, visitation rights, finance and property issues following relationship breakdowns.

Typically, family lawyers acting for a client seeking a divorce are involved in ascertaining initial details, gathering evidence such as financials and proof, negotiating settlements, and generally advocating for the client in hearings. Divorce and separation are often performed by mediation, which is the process by which families can negotiate with the help of an independent, professionally trained third party and reach agreements amicably. If mediation fails, the legal case will progress to court.

How can software help with family law processes?

Legal software created for family law practitioners contains time-saving, efficiency-enhancing, profitability boosting functionality that guides solicitors, paralegals, cashiers and law firm managers through the tasks associated with divorce and separation – beginning with AML checking, proceeding with case workflow guidance and concluding with transfer of monies once an agreement has been reached. The potential to make mistakes is minimised throughout so that all of the associated risks are mitigated.

Can Quill’s software assist with fixed fee models?

Yes. We know fixed fee arrangements are popular driven largely by client demand and applicable to family law in the same way as other legal specialisms. Plus, not everyone qualifies for legal aid. Many family law practitioners offer fixed fees for divorce and separation – a higher fee for petitioners (an individual starting divorce proceedings against his/her spouse) than for respondents (spouse issuing divorce proceedings against the individual).

Our software can help correctly estimate fixed fees to ensure your practice remains profitable. You can also use our tools to calculate standard costs per archetypal family law matter, progress through cases efficiently and speedily with minimum variability, and track estimated costs against incurred costs to inform future fee-setting decisions.

Can Quill software support legal aid?

Absolutely. Our software can easily manage legal aid for any of your family law matters. If your client needs to use public funds to help to pay for legal advice, family mediation and court representation, then our software can handle the additional administration of this with automatic calculation of fees according to the latest legal aid rates and upload of data directly from Quill to the Legal Aid Agency’s online portal.

What systems does Quill integrate with and why?

The Quill system itself comes with the ability to instantly switch on Microsoft Office integration thanks to our DocsHub document management feature. Quill also integrates with the market-leading third-party systems Veriphy (for AML checking), FormEvo (for legal forms and e-submissions), Legl (for online payments) and Bundledocs (for document bundling).

Which family forms are covered in the Quill Forms catalogue?

Quill integrates fully with FormEvo which is a comprehensive library of legal forms and e-submissions. For relationship breakdowns, there’s an abundance of family law, divorce and children forms comprising the Form E financial statement, D8 application for a divorce / dissolution or (judicial) separation, D80 statements in support of divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation for various reasons, C1 application for an order, C2 application for permission to start proceedings (Children Act 1989), C3 application for an order authorising search for a child (Family Law Act 1986) and myriad other familiar prescribed forms.

If property is involved and the family home needs to be sold, there’s also pre-contract, general, land charges, Land Registry, Law Society, property tax and supplemental forms with everything from Law Society property information (TA6) and fittings and contents (TA10), to Companies House particulars of a charge (MR01), to Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Scotland) (LBTT) and Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) forms.

A fully flexible and functionality rich family law system

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“[With Quill], I have access to my matter files anywhere. I literally store everything in the cloud. I don’t need paper files or in-house servers. I have one administrative employee who’s a home worker like me. We present ourselves as an office-based team but the reality is we work wherever, whenever, however we choose. Quill is the glue that seamlessly binds us together. Quill’s systems give enterprise-level functionality without the cost and trouble of hosting and maintaining it myself.”

Lynne Passmore, Solicitor Lynne Passmore Family Law

Family law casework without the legwork

Operate a paperless and efficient family law department with Quill and industry-recognised third-party integrators.