Criminal law software for UK law firms hosted in the cloud

With Quill’s integrated case, document, legal accounting and practice management system, you’ll have the best tools you need to aid your clients every step of the way, from arrest to bail, preliminary hearing and trial.

Why choose Quill for your criminal law practice?

Criminal law software needs to be like criminal lawyers themselves: persistent, resourceful and adept. When clients put their freedom in your hands, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Quill’s cloud-based criminal law software is there to keep you on top of your cases, court dates, documents, accounts and business. From managing criminal law matters in their entirety, to keeping your caseload progressing on-the-go, to uploading final payment files to the Legal Aid Agency portal, Quill’s legal software is the ideal solution for the modern criminal lawyer. With Quill being a recommended partner of the Law Society, rest assured in its absolute commitment to supporting criminal law practitioners.

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Quill’s criminal law software solution

Legal accounting without the headache

Our legal accounts module captures every minute, alleviates risks, recovers disbursements and expenses, offers business intelligence and reconciles bank accounts.

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A central store of documents

Our document management solution gives complete Microsoft Office integration and unlimited document storage. Everything related to a matter is saved conveniently together – Word files, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, images and Outlook emails.

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Document bundling the easy way

With Bundledocs integration, create indexed, numbered and hyperlinked bundles of criminal matters proceeding to court or upon instruction of counsel.

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Contact clients wherever they are

Maintain communication with clients throughout their criminal case via SMS messaging. Send text messages, matter updates, and meeting or court reminders direct to your clients’ mobiles.

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Send online payment links to self-funded clients

Thanks to Legl integration, track, receive and reconcile invoice payments. It’s better for you – you get paid quicker. It’s better for your clients – payment’s done in a few clicks.

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“There’s no doubt that Quill’s advanced cloud technology helps us to operate more efficiently. Quill’s ongoing heavy investment in software development offers a constant array of enhanced and new features which we directly benefit from.”

Sally Thompson, Managing Director Luqmani Thompson & Partners
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Simplifying criminal law casework

Your criminal law department can operate smarter with Quill and industry-recognised third-party integrators. Get in touch to learn how.