Outsourced Digital Post Room

Quill Post is our outsourced digital mailroom services solution to help small to medium UK businesses with all their inbound and outbound post needs.

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Why outsource your post room?

Traditional post rooms can be outdated, error-prone and labour intensive. 

What better way to future-proof your business and embrace digital transformation than with a digital post room?

Quill Post is the modern way of managing your inbound and outbound post whilst drastically reducing costs and speeding up efficiencies. It moves you beyond just sorting, scanning, printing and posting to a more sophisticated system using the latest document scanning, document capture and postal payment technology.

In a new world where more companies are operating flexible, hybrid and home working policies, our mailroom solution allows you to send and receive post from anywhere in the world at any time.

Lower overheads

Replace salary, stationery, printing, postage and building rental costs with a flexible fee based on volumes.

Achieve paperless goals

Embrace digital transformation with a virtual post room, powered by a team you can trust.

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Ensure business continuity

Your team become less reliant on a physical office and can work anytime and anywhere.

Inbound post right to your inbox

Re-direct your post to us. We then securely open, sort, scan and deliver the encrypted content straight to each recipient’s email by 4pm daily. We will even scan the envelopes. Once a week, your physical post is couriered to you for filing and audit trailing purposes. Our service is fast, secure, scalable and above all, affordable.

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Outbound post at the touch of a button

Does your business still need to send out post regularly? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could do this directly from your computer, without ever leaving your desk? Once your Quill Post virtual printer is set up, simply select from your drop-down printers’ list, choose first or second class, attach any enclosures and hit the print button, and we take care of the rest. Job done!

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Year-round continuous back up

Worry no more about life’s unpredictability – be it staff absence, travel restrictions, peak holiday season, whatever. Being totally virtual, we’re here whenever you need us, regardless of the usual (and unusual) business interruptions. Quill Post helps your employees work from anywhere, respond faster, increase their productivity and improve client satisfaction. That means more time to focus on what’s important to your business whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line and business continuity. 

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Saving money’s par for the course

By processing large volumes, we receive bulk-buying discounts which we pass on to you – our clients. Plus, postage costs are significantly less than what traditional franking machines or mailrooms would charge. Add into the mix cost reductions due to our virtual environment – no labour, hardware and office space – and your bank balance will benefit. As a bonus, you can even turn to us for mass mail merge letters and other printing and marketing activities as we can offer discounts based on volume.

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Tough on security

Our staff are thoroughly vetted giving assurance that your post’s handled in the strictest of confidence. Our technology is subject to encryption and other security measures, including access-level controls, for a safeguarding guarantee.


Outsource to Quill

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Overcoming lockdown post challenges

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“When lockdown happened… myself and the other directors took turns going into the office to open, scan and distribute the post. This daily task consumed up to two hours. For help, we turned to Quill. We’re saving salary overheads and ten hours a week of fee earning time. It’s genuinely brilliant.”

Richard Antipas, Director Axis Professional

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