Accountant for law firms? Meet Quill, your new best friend.

Managing legal practices’ finances is already complicated enough. Make it simple again. Introduce your law firm clients to Quill – the software that specialises in legal accounts.

Help us help law firms help you

Legal software that puts accountants first

Most legal software providers built their tools to manage cases, not accounts. While that may work for solicitors, it doesn’t work for you when you receive inaccurate financial data at year-end. That’s why we always provide a free license to our clients’ accountants. 

Quill was built to be an accounting-based legal software from the very start. The result? Detailed legal accounts that allows you to help your law firm clients make better, more informed financial decisions.

Better bookkeeping? It all starts with Quill:


Quill gives law firms and partners a user-friendly way to manage their money, with constant technical support available.

Law firms

Law firms use Quill to keep on top of their bookkeeping tasks and balance their accounts more successfully.


Accountants use bookkeeping data to prepare financial statements, provide financial forecasting and capture expenses with ease.

What will you get with Quill?

A free license

Accountants can log into Quill for free with their client’s permission, so you can easily access the information you need to complete year-end and other important reports.

A clear head

Quill is fully compliant with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rules, CLC Accounts Code or Scottish Accounts Rules, as well as MTD and AML.

A flexible approach

Gain insights into your law firm clients across the course of the year rather than just at the end, for greater visibility and a quicker response to financial issues.

A simple system

Bookkeeping with Quill is intuitive and simple for even the most inexperienced law firms, making year-end audits easier for you and everyone else involved.

A system that’s easier to use and gives you richer insights? You do the maths.*

*We know you can!

Payroll causing you pain?

Payroll doesn’t pay, and navigating the minefield of ​​PAYE, RTI and AE can often feel like a waste of time. 

Not with Quill. We offer a white label, flexible, and risk-free bookkeeping & payroll outsourcing service that alleviates the payroll burden for both you and your clients.

We perform over 6,000 payroll calculations every month, all of which are fully compliant with the latest HMRC legislation and RTI online submission requirements. Find out why you’re in safe hands from the link below.

Learn more about outsourced payroll

A long-term fix to a problem that never stands still

Find out how we turned MPP Solicitors’ payroll nightmare into a dream come true

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“Payroll is so time consuming and it was causing me pain on an almost daily basis. It was all too much to handle as a minor part of my job, but dedicated software is often very expensive. It’s much more cost-effective to simply outsource payroll in its entirety to Quill. That’s exactly what we did, and with Quill firmly behind us our back office operates smoothly and integrates seamlessly. We’re absolutely delighted with Quill Payroll. It comes highly recommended by MPP!” ”

Allan Hunt, Senior Partner MPP Solicitors

Transform your law firm with Quill

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