Employment law software for UK law firms

With Quill’s cloud-hosted employment law system, you’ll have everything you need to resolve employment disputes quickly, efficiently and profitably.

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Why choose Quill for your employment law practice?

Employment law software needs to be like employment lawyers themselves: professional, flexible and meticulous. Use Quill’s legal software to progress employment matters from initial instruction all the way to final hearing. Gain absolute control of your contacts, cases, documents, accounts and business via our combined practice, case and document management software built with all the employment law functionality you need, delivered by a Law Society recommended partner.

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Purpose-made for employment lawyers

Quill’s legal practice management software comes with a trove of efficiency tools that can cater for both claimants and respondents. From performing due diligence when setting up new matters, to accessing multiple time-saving features throughout cases, to sending invoices to clients upon matter resolution or uploading billing data to the Legal Aid Agency portal for discrimination claims, our system does it all.

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An employment lawyer’s working day made easier

Simplify each stage of employment law cases – no matter their complexity – from inception to completion. Create tasks and document templates as workflows, bundle documents for tribunals, court and counsel packs, and even pre-populate forms to save time. AML checks provide peace of mind, and bank and LAA uploads, and secure payment links strengthen money movements. On top of that, you have a helpful dashboard with analytical reports to track progress and plan ahead for success.

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Money management your way

Gain total control of your finances and strengthen security at the same time by utilising electronic identity checking, credit screening and conflict searching for enhanced Know Your Client (KYC), and bank account and sort code verification, digital payments, and banking and LAA uploads for streamlined money management. Quill helps your cashiers, managers and COFAs move money safely and provides comprehensive reporting for financial transparency.

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Capture every billable moment

Time recording is deeply embedded in Quill. You can record time using our mobile app, auto-record time when uploading documents, or use intuitive stopwatches functionality throughout the day to capture every chargeable time unit. From our smartphone app, you can easily access Quill, set up new clients and matters, record fee earner time, authorise e-chits, view client and matter information, and view documents from anywhere. Your time records are automatically fed into Quill’s accounting module for straightforward billing and invoicing.

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Integrations for employment legal practices

The third-party integrations available with Quill are Veriphy’s anti-money laundering checks, FormEvo’s legal forms, Bundledocs’ electronic bundling and Legl’s online client payments. Use them all as one powerful system to save time, earn more, prevent mistakes, streamline operations and improve the client experience. Data is transferred from one system to the other – be it client and case details, time recording and billing information, or forms and documents – so they seamlessly integrate.

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Your essential employment law forms

To boost efficiency, access our 2,000+ library of legal forms and e-submissions with sub-sections for employment covering the ET1 to ET3, T434 to T445 forms, and civil legal aid comprising CF1A, CIV ADMIN1 to CIV ADMIN2, CIV APP1 to CIV APP11, CIV CLAIM1 to CIV CLAIM5, CIV MEANS1 to CIV MEANS5, CW3 to CW4, EC CLAIM1, L17 to L31, and NOTICE1 to NOTICE3 forms. There’s pre-population of data from your Quill database, auto-calculation of fees, auto-saving of documents and correspondence to your matter files, and e-submission functionality to the relevant government agency including Legal Aid Agency for discrimination claims. Complete, save and send forms with ease.

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Comply with stringent regulatory demands

Employment law’s a complex area that’s full of pitfalls. While you focus on getting it right for your clients, relax knowing that you’re ticking every compliance box with Quill. Our software complies with Law Society, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Legal Aid Agency, Information Commissioner’s Office and other regulatory demands.

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Quill’s employment law software solution

Legal accounting your way

Cashiering without the headache thanks to features like stopwatches and manual time recording, anomaly warnings and breach reports, easy e-chit submissions, reporting, billing templates, online payment links, and banking and LAA uploads. Plus, we offer a free licence to your accountant.

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A central store of documents

With our DocsHub module and Microsoft Office integration, your documents, letters and forms are saved conveniently together, whatever their type – Word files, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, images, legal forms or Outlook emails.

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Make light work of bundling

Our Bundledocs integration allows you to create and paginate indexed, numbered and hyperlinked bundles for court and tribunal proceedings, and instruction of counsel – in just a few clicks.

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Maintain constant client contact

Maintain communication with clients throughout their employment case via SMS messaging. Send text messages, matter updates, and meeting or court reminders direct to your clients’ mobiles.

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Enjoy faster reconciliation

Track, receive and reconcile invoice payments in a few clicks via our integration with Legl’s online payment system. It’s better for you and better for your clients – they enjoy a more modern experience too.

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Define your own modular system

At Quill, we pride ourselves on our pick-and-mix portfolio which gives users the power to select from a wide array of modules – not only software but also outsourcing services – so that your front and back office runs optimally.

Our pricing

A pricing plan built for you

⚖ Essential ⚖

Legal accounts & Practice management

Get on the right track with legal accounts, matter management and time recording solutions to get you up and running quickly.


per user, per month

*plus initial £78/month for the first legal cashiering licence

Who’s it for?

Legal cashiers, fee earners & support staff

What’s included?
  • Legal accounts system
  • Matter management
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💡 Growth 💡

Case & document management

Allow fee earners to work in the cloud from anywhere with time-saving tools like document automation and MS Office integration.


per user, per month

*plus initial £56/month for the first legal cashiering licence

Who’s it for?

Fee earners

Everything in Essential, PLUS:
  • Document management
  • Case management
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⚡ Supercharge ⚡

Boost your software

Mix and match from our range available boosts and streamline even more of your processes with Quill.

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and find out which boosts will benefit you the most

Available boosts:
  • Quill Forms
  • Anti-money laundering checks
  • API integration
  • MoneyChain
  • Bundling
  • SMS messaging
  • Online payment portal
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Frequently asked questions

What is employment law?

Employment law regulates the relationship between employers and their employees. It’s the job of employment law specialists to ensure the legal rights of their clients are upheld – whether claimant or respondent, employee or employer. Case types can be anything from age discrimination and bullying to maternity rights and redundancy.

How can software help with employment law processes?

Legal software created for employment law practices contains time-saving, efficiency-enhancing, profitability boosting functionality that guides solicitors, paralegals, cashiers, law firm managers, COLPs and COFAs through the tasks associated with employment law – beginning with conflict and identity checking, proceeding with case workflow guidance and concluding with submission of final invoice. The software features empower practitioners to minimise mistakes and maximise productivity.

Can Quill’s software assist with fixed fee models?

Yes. For individuals claiming unfair treatment, contract breach and wrongful dismissal, costs are a worry, especially for those who’ve lost their employment. The same can be said of SME-sized employers daunted by potentially high legal costs. With Quill, fixed fee arrangements can be catered for to avoid concerns about a large legal bill at the end of a case.

The Quill system helps correctly estimate fixed fees to ensure your practice stays profitable. You can also use our software tools to calculate standard costs for typical employment law matters, action case tasks efficiently and speedily with limited variability, and track estimated costs against incurred costs to inform fixed fee-setting decisions in the future.

Can Quill software support legal aid?

Legal aid doesn’t apply to employment cases unless it’s a discrimination matter upon means testing verification. In these instances, our software handles legal aid for employment law. If your client needs to use public funds to help to pay for discrimination-type disputes, our software can manage the additional administration with functionality to get the most work done in the least time thereby keeping costs low, log disbursements and expenses to recover all chargeable monies, automatically calculate complex fees according to the latest legal aid rates for spotless accounting, and upload of data from Quill right to the Legal Aid Agency’s online portal for paperless working.

What systems does Quill integrate with and why?

The Quill system itself comes with the ability to instantly switch on Microsoft Office integration thanks to our DocsHub document management feature. Quill also integrates with specialist third-party systems – including Veriphy (for AML and credit checking), FormEvo (for legal forms and e-submissions), Legl (for online payments from privately funded clients) and Bundledocs (for tribunal, court and counsel document bundling).

Which employment forms are covered in the Quill Forms catalogue?

Quill integrates fully with the FormEvo library of legal forms and e-submissions. Within the employment section of our catalogue, you’ll find the ET1 to ET3 employment tribunal claim and response forms, and T434 to T445 expenses payable, declaration, appeal and answer forms. There’s also a separate civil legal aid section comprising the CF1A counsel claim form, CIV ADMIN1 to CIV ADMIN2 statutory charge and details change forms, CIV APP1 to CIV APP11 application and withdrawal forms, CIV CLAIM1 to CIV CLAIM5 claim forms, checklists and reports, CIV MEANS1 to CIV MEANS5 financial assessment forms, CW3 to CW4 application for extension and withdrawal of legal representation forms, EC CLAIM1s claim forms , L17 to L31 earnings forms, and NOTICE1 to NOTICE3 civil legal aid certificate, extension, amendment and withdrawal forms.

Tailored support and specialist employment software

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“At Bhayani Law, we operate a non-traditional payment model of fixed monthly retainer payments for our ‘Watertight’ package – combined employment law advice, and outsourced HR and health and safety services. It’s difficult to cater for these unique requirements whilst still complying with the intricacies of legal accounts rules. Quill has gone above and beyond to introduce a series of new processes and procedures for the smooth running and compliant management of our accounting function.”

Jay Bhayani, Solicitor & Managing Director Bhayani HR & Employment Law

Employment law casework without the legwork

Make your employment law team work smarter not harder with Quill and closely integrated third-party systems.