Text messaging for law firms – SMS messaging

Use SMS to message clients on their mobile phones and expedite matters.

Streamline client communications

Add an extra tool into your communications mix by subscribing to our SMS messaging boost within our legal practice management solution, that comes with the assurance of provision by a proud affiliate partner of the Law Society. From forwarding bank account information to texting appointment reminders or sending marketing messages, our text messaging feature is fully integrated and automatically logged to your cases.

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Schedule appointments and confirm milestones to keep matters moving

Save time and meet milestones by sending scheduled SMS messages to keep clients informed about key stages of their legal matters, request their input, and remind them about meetings or court attendances. With less time spent on the phone, your caseload can move along uninterrupted, even during peak times such as on busy completion days when clients may not be readily available by email or landline.

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Works with your existing system for full audit trail

Prepare, send and store text messages directly from Quill. It’s easy and convenient. The communications are automatically saved to case, just like any other important documentation, with accompanying time recordings. It’s tracked, locatable and billed upon.

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Another layer of cybersecurity

SMS messages can’t be easily intercepted by cybercriminals, making them particularly useful for sensitive and confidential data, such as your banking details. It’s another way to strengthen your practice’s cybersecurity measures.

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SMS marketing to personalise and differentiate your law firm

Text-based marketing is an oft-overlooked tool that savvy legal practices can use to engage with clients and prospects for a friendly, conversational approach to selling. The beauty is that your message is immediately in people’s hands and there is a significantly higher open and response rate associated with it, compared to an email marketing campaign. Why not try this approach to build rapport with prospects and drive more client engagement?

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Protection and 24/7 connectivity

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“Quill’s SMS tool is extremely useful for sending bank account details to clients. When you’re dealing with the sums of money we handle for conveyancing matters, it’s an additional layer of protection to make sure monies are transferred correctly. We can text updates via the SMS facility to clients on completion day too, as it’s often an occasion without landline or internet.”

Johdi Hutchins, Partner & Practice Manager Galloway Hughes

Curious how Quill’s SMS messaging works?

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