Civil litigation software for UK law firms hosted in the cloud

With Quill’s all-in-one case and document management, and legal accounting software, managing civil litigation work couldn’t be easier. You’ll have the tools you need to run a profitable law firm while focuses on getting exceptional results for your clients.

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Why choose Quill for your civil litigation practice?

Civil litigation legal software needs to be like civil litigation lawyers themselves: organised, resolute and exact. Civil litigation encompasses contract breaches, various forms of dispute resolution, mediation, debt, injury, accidents and negligence. For that type of work, you need a system that allows you to organise the plethora of documents, communications and information that come with litigation cases, so that you can find what you need at any given moment. The Quill system does that and more, also helping by reminding you of upcoming court deadlines and streamlining back-office processes like billing. Turn to Quill to progress your civil litigation matters speedily and accurately from instruction to conclusion. Plus, Quill is a proud affiliate partner of the Law Society and is committed to supporting civil litigation practitioners.

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Built for civil litigation solicitors

Quill’s complete practice management software caters for every type of civil litigation case – from private client cases or business disputes to initial pleadings through discovery and trial. The software has built-in due diligence via anti-money laundering and credit checks upon new matter set up, along with intuitive accounting module for submission of online payment links upon matter resolution.

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The life of a civil litigation practitioner simplified

Introduce software to simplify each stage of civil litigation – by using Quill. Create tasks and document templates as workflows, bundle documents for court, tribunal and counsel packs, and even pre-populate lengthy legal forms for time-saving advantages. AML checks provide peace of mind right from the beginning. Bank uploads and secure payment links strengthen money movements. On top of that, you have a helpful dashboard with analytical reports to track progress and plan ahead for success.

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Effortlessly manage your money

Quill boasts electronic identity checking, credit screening and conflict searching for enhanced Know Your Client (KYC) from new matter inception onwards. Thereafter, there’s bank account and sort code verification, digital online payments and banking uploads for secure movement of money. Quill’s accounting module helps cashiers, managers and COFAs to manage monies safely and report for financial transparency.

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Precedent H costs budgets – catered for

There’s functionality native to Quill that allows you to manage estimated costs against actual incurred costs up to and including trial. These costs are set out in the mandated Precedent H format quickly and easily – thereby meeting strict filing deadlines and avoiding potential penalties for late submission. You can also identify when matters are likely to exceed their estimate so you don’t deviate too far from your original budget and increase your ability to recover legal costs from the other side.

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Time recording for busy civil litigation solicitors

Avoid lost revenue by capturing time anywhere, anytime, any device – thanks to the time recording tools which are deeply embedded in Quill. You can auto-record time when uploading documents, use intuitive stopwatches functionality throughout the day, and manually record time for self and others. Supported by a smartphone app when on-the-go, you can log into Quill, record time for case actions and auto-feed into Quill’s accounting module for straightforward billing and speedier payment.

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Civil litigation software integrations

The third-party integrations available with Quill are Veriphy’s anti-money laundering checks, FormEvo’s legal forms, Bundledocs’ electronic bundling and Legl’s online client payments. Use one fully integrated system to save time, earn more, prevent mistakes, streamline operations and improve the client experience. Data is transferred seamlessly from one system to the other – be it client and case details, or time recording and billing information, or forms and documents.

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Total Microsoft Office integration

Tight links to Microsoft Office give you the tools to update your busy schedule and make your case calendar visible to your team in Outlook; and organise your cumbersome documentation – whether Word files, Excel spreadsheets or Outlook emails – whilst communicating effectively with clients through equally close links to the rest of the MS suite.

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Your civil litigation forms, courtesy of Quill

Our catalogue of over 2,000 legal forms and e-submissions are a further efficiency aid for civil litigation lawyers. Data is pre-populated from your Quill database, fees are auto-calculated, forms are auto-saved to your matter folders, and completed forms are e-submitted to relevant government agencies. It’s effortless to complete, save and send forms. In the ‘court forms’ folder alone, you’ll find the EX50 to EX506, FE6 to FE17, N1 to N510, PNFC and SC001 forms.

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Comply with every regulatory demand

As a civil litigation solicitor, attention to detail and being up-to-date with all the latest company news and economic changes is paramount. The smallest error in an agreement can signify big problems for consumers’ businesses. While you focus on getting everything right legally for your civil litigation clients, relax knowing that every regulatory compliance box is ticked with Quill. Our software complies with Law Society, Solicitors Regulation Authority, LAA, Information Commissioner’s Office and other demands.

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Quill’s commercial law software solution

Legal accounting without the headache

With our legal accounts module, you can capture every chargeable unit, alleviate fraud risks, recover disbursements and expenses, garner business intelligence, reconcile bank accounts and comply with regulators.

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A central store of documents

Our DocsHub solution offers complete Microsoft Office integration and unlimited document storage. Everything related to a matter is saved conveniently together – Word files, PDFs, spreadsheets, images and Outlook emails.

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Document bundling the easy way

Integrate Quill with Bundledocs to create perfectly formatted document bundles for client review, instruction of counsel, and preparation for court or tribunal – in a matter of minutes.

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Contact clients wherever they are

Communicate with clients throughout their civil litigation case via SMS messaging. Send text messages, matter updates, and meeting, court or tribunal reminders direct to your clients’ mobiles.

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Send online payment links to self-funded clients

Thanks to Legl integration, track, receive and reconcile invoice payments. It’s better for you – you get paid quicker. It’s better for your clients – payment’s done in a few clicks.

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Define your modular system of choice

Our pick-and-mix approach to software modules and outsourcing services allows you to flexibly choose the right combination for your firm so that your front and back office runs smoothly.

Our pricing

A pricing plan built for you

⚖ Essential ⚖

Legal accounts & Practice management

Get on the right track with legal accounts, matter management and time recording solutions to get you up and running quickly.


per user, per month

*plus initial £78/month for the first legal cashiering licence

Who’s it for?

Legal cashiers, fee earners & support staff

What’s included?
  • Legal accounts system
  • Matter management
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💡 Growth 💡

Case & document management

Allow fee earners to work in the cloud from anywhere with time-saving tools like document automation and MS Office integration.


per user, per month

*plus initial £56/month for the first legal cashiering licence

Who’s it for?

Fee earners

Everything in Essential, PLUS:
  • Document management
  • Case management
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⚡ Supercharge ⚡

Boost your software

Mix and match from our range available boosts and streamline even more of your processes with Quill.

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and find out which boosts will benefit you the most

Available boosts:
  • Quill Forms
  • Anti-money laundering checks
  • API integration
  • MoneyChain
  • Bundling
  • SMS messaging
  • Online payment portal
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Frequently asked questions

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation includes non-commercial litigation such as unpaid bills, debt, injury and accidents; as well as commercial dispute resolution such as professional negligence, breach of contracts and/or agreements and intellectual property disputes. Many law firms help individuals and businesses resolve their disputes through negotiation and, where necessary, the courts.

How can software help with civil litigation processes?

Civil litigation is extremely procedural involving huge amounts of paperwork. It’s vitally important for civil litigation lawyers to be well organised and keep on top of deadlines, no matter how busy the workload gets. It’s detrimental to cases if documentation’s lost or overlooked, and deadlines are missed – in some instances, client claims or defences can be struck out.

To make civil litigation solicitors’ lives easier, legal practice management software should act as a single source of truth, allowing practitioners to focus on managing case and client workloads as well as tracking court procedures and deadlines, rather than being distracted by repetitive administrative tasks. Quill can do that, and more.

Quill contains time-saving, efficiency-enhancing, profitability boosting functionality that guides solicitors, paralegals, cashiers, law firm managers, COLPs and COFAs through the tasks associated with civil litigation matters – beginning with conflict and identity checking, proceeding with case workflow guidance and concluding with submission of final invoice to the client. The software features empower civil litigation lawyers to minimise mistakes and maximise productivity.

Can Quill’s software assist with fixed fee models?

Yes. Paying for legal services is a concern for individuals and even some businesses, especially SMEs with limited cashflow. Fixed fee arrangements negate worries about large legal bills at the end of a case. Civil litigation lawyers can offer fixed fees – with costs dictated by the type of matter, level of court proceedings and case complexity – and our software supports this process.

In Quill, you can correctly estimate fixed fees and disbursements to ensure your practice remains profitable. You can also calculate standard costs for specific kinds of civil litigation matters, progress through cases efficiently and speedily with minimum variability, and track estimated costs against incurred costs to inform future fee-setting decisions.

What systems does Quill integrate with and why?

The Quill system itself comes with the ability to instantly switch on Microsoft Office integration courtesy of our DocsHub document management feature. Quill also integrates with specialist third-party systems – including Veriphy (for AML and credit checking), FormEvo (for legal forms and e-submissions), Legl (for online payments from privately funded clients) and Bundledocs (for bunding of documents for review by clients, instruction of counsel, and preparation for court or tribunal).

Which civil litigation forms are covered in the Quill Forms catalogue?

Quill integrates fully with the FormEvo library of legal forms and e-submissions. Civil litigation lawyers can choose from our 2,000+ forms library – giving your firm the ability to use only the forms you want, when you want them, paying only for the forms you have actually completed. Look in the ‘court forms’ folder for the EX50 to EX506, FE6 to FE17, N1 to N510, PNFC and SC001 civil court forms.

What is Precedent H costs budgeting and how does Quill support this requirement?

A costs budget is used at the outset of litigation and details the costs that the receiving party expects to recover on conclusion, and also outlines where time and efforts should be focused during the course of litigation. A legal costs budget is referred to as Precedent H. It’s required for all multi-track, high-value litigation cases. Full Precedent H guidance notes can be found at

Your legal software should contain functionality to support the process of preparing and submitting Precedent H costs budgets. In Quill, there are features from a simple ‘Precedent H matter’ tick box which is activated upon new matter set up, to relevant time recording categories to choose from a drop-down selection when logging fee earner time, to easy-to-view ledger cards listing Precedent H entries, to Precedent H reports option for export of data in the correct format.

Hall Brown achieves £0 to £4.5million turnover

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“The biggest worry initially was whether we could develop a viable business. We were careful about choosing the right primary supplier to both better manage expenditure and enable us to work smarter. We’ve grown from two people to 45 and from £0 to £4.5million annual turnover in our first five years. Quill’s products are fully scalable which has supported our growth to date and will continue to support us through future expansion.”

James Brown, Partner Hall Brown Family Law

Better serve civil litigation clients with Quill’s software

Choose Quill with third-party integrations – your efficiency, client service levels and productivity will soar.