Civil litigation software for UK law firms hosted in the cloud

With Quill’s all-in-one case and document management, and legal accounting software, managing civil litigation work couldn’t be easier. You’ll have the tools you need to run a profitable law firm while focuses on getting exceptional results for your clients.

Why choose Quill for your civil litigation practice?

Civil litigation legal software needs to be like civil litigation lawyers themselves: organised, resolute and exact. Civil litigation encompasses contract breaches, various forms of dispute resolution, mediation, debt, injury, accidents and negligence. For that type of work, you need a system that allows you to organise the plethora of documents, communications and information that come with litigation cases, so that you can find what you need at any given moment. The Quill system does that and more, also helping by reminding you of upcoming court deadlines and streamlining back-office processes like billing. Turn to Quill to progress your civil litigation matters speedily and accurately from instruction to conclusion. Plus, Quill is a proud affiliate partner of the Law Society and is committed to supporting civil litigation practitioners.

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Quill’s commercial law software solution

Legal accounting without the headache

With our legal accounts module, you can capture every chargeable unit, alleviate fraud risks, recover disbursements and expenses, garner business intelligence, reconcile bank accounts and comply with regulators.

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A central store of documents

Our document management solution offers complete Microsoft Office integration and unlimited document storage. Everything related to a matter is saved conveniently together – Word files, PDFs, spreadsheets, images and Outlook emails.

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Document bundling the easy way

Integrate Quill with Bundledocs to create perfectly formatted document bundles for client review, instruction of counsel, and preparation for court or tribunal – in a matter of minutes.

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Contact clients wherever they are

Communicate with clients throughout their civil litigation case via SMS messaging. Send text messages, matter updates, and meeting, court or tribunal reminders direct to your clients’ mobiles.

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Send online payment links to self-funded clients

Thanks to Legl integration, track, receive and reconcile invoice payments. It’s better for you – you get paid quicker. It’s better for your clients – payment’s done in a few clicks.

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“Quill’s case management and legal accounts software integrates fabulously with Outlook. Law firms must have a matter and file management, and accounting system. That’s what you get with Quill. We couldn’t function without it.”

Andrew Guile, Partner GN Law
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Better serve civil litigation clients with Quill’s software

Choose Quill with third-party integrations – your efficiency, client service levels and productivity will soar.