Case Study: Bhayani Law - Quill

Case Study: Bhayani Law


Bhayani Law overcomes accounting challenge with bespoke cashiering support

When specialist employment law solicitors, Bhayani Law, needed to accommodate complicated retainer client payments on a GoCardless basis, Jay Bhayani turned to her long-term accounting software and outsourced cashiering service supplier, Quill.

The Challenge:

“Like other law firms working in niche areas, at Bhayani Law we operate a non-traditional payment model; this being fixed monthly retainer payments for our ‘Watertight’ package – combined employment law advice, and outsourced HR and health and safety services.

Even on legal industry-specific accounting software, it’s difficult to cater for unique requirements such as ours whilst still complying with the intricacies of accounts rules applicable to our sector. As part of a streamlining exercise, we reached out to Quill for help.”

The Solution:

“The team at Quill has gone above and beyond to introduce a series of new processes and procedures which reduce the input needed from us in the smooth running and compliant management of our accounting function.

The only onus on our office administrator, Alice, is to distribute invoices to our clients. Our Quill cashier, Emma, does everything else including monitoring clients on the GoCardless scheme, producing the invoices for Alice’s submission, managing and recording our purchase ledger invoices, performing bank reconciliations, producing monthly financial reports and processing e-chits from our Interactive software for incoming and outgoing transactions. The latter is our audit trail for regulatory compliance.”

The Future:

“Embarrassingly, I actually considered switching to a generic accounting tool. Thankfully, by collaborating with Quill, I found the ideal solution by simply tailoring outsourced cashiering support to the idiosyncrasies of our particular set up. Our former administration burden has been removed entirely.

With Quill, you don’t get a rigid one-size-fits-all service. It can change and flex as your business evolves. There’s no better future-proofing promise than that. To top it all, there are assured compliance built-in.”

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