Protect your law firm: Tips, tricks and traps of legal cashiering (webinar)


Tips, tricks and traps of legal cashiering
Wednesday, 29th June, 14:00 – 15:00
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Protecting your law firm has never been more important.

As the first, and currently only, legal cashiering provider partnered with the Law Society of England and Wales, we are delighted to invite you to join this free, highly informative webinar hosted both with the Law Society and alongside a range of experts including Tim Kidd, Chief Executive at the ILFM.

This session will explore how, and why, legal cashiering should be a key consideration for all law professionals and will provide a better understanding of the critical role it plays in avoiding pitfalls that could not only lead to loss of clients, inefficiencies and increased costs but perhaps even to practice closures as covered recently in the legal press.

Chaired by Quill’s Executive Chairman Julian Bryan, this webinar will teach you how to:

Identify risky habits that can result in client and office account fraud, cybercrime or money laundering and apply best practices to mitigate these risks.
Grasp new skills and opportunities to streamline and automate your legal cashiering processes.
Identify common breaches of the solicitors account rules, including tips on how to spot them and traps to avoid​.

This webinar is free to attend but registration is required here.

Open to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to protect their law firm and the tips, tricks and traps of legal cashiering!



Quill legal cashiering webinar

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