Switching from Pracctice Ltd/Osprey Approach to Quill

Switch from Pracctice Ltd/Osprey Approach’s legal practice management software to Quill with ease.

If you are using Pracctice Ltd’s Osprey Approach software and are looking to switch to Quill, our data migration team can help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Generally, a conversion from Pracctice Ltd/Osprey Approach will include all of the following data:

  • Existing client information  – including names, addresses, contact details, etc.
  • Matter and case details – including dates, descriptions, cases, etc.
  • Unbilled time entries and expenses 
  • Fee earners
  • Departments and matter types
  • Branches
  • Banks – including transactions
  • Client/matter ledger transactions – including bills, disbursements, etc.
  • Time recording – including entries, charge rates, etc.
  • Nominal ledgers – including a chart of accounts and transactions
  • VAT entries 
  • Surplus position
  • Document registers (titles/deeds/wills/shares)
  • Powers of attorney

Be sure to read through our detailed data migration process and have a chat with our consultants on which specific data configurations you’d need to move from Pracctice Ltd to Quill. 

Step forward into success

It’s hard to admit your current practice and case management software isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe it can’t keep up with your organisation’s growth, or it’s lacking a key feature, or it’s simply not as good as what else is out there. But moving to a new practice management software is not as frightening and difficult as you think. The right solution will bring stronger compliance, streamlined workload, happier staff and loyal and cared for clients. Too many law firms are living with poor or sub-optimal features from outdated practice management software and the step-up really isn’t that hard. So why wait?

Read about our data migration process

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