Data Accessibility vs Data Security

Read our eBook on why accessibility matters, how to avoid growing security risks, and what your law firm needs to do to get the balance right.

The importance of balancing cloud accessibility and data security

Data accessibility has never been more important for law firms than it is today. But, with greater accessibility comes greater security risks. We’ve teamed up with Google to give our clients the best possible protection against cyber threats.

In this free eBook, explore the data security lifecycle, read about changing work behaviours and access practical security tips to find out exactly what a healthy access-security balance looks like.

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Google and Law Society access v security webinar

Watch our ‘Get the balance right: Cloud accessibility v data security in law firms’ webinar in association with experts from Google and our affiliate partners The Law Society.

Learn about everything from digital transformation in regulated industries, to how technology can drive differentiation in an increasingly competitive legal sector, to situations in which client and office data security breaches could occur and apply best practices to avoid these risks, and much more besides.