Covers everything legal entreprenuers need to consider to get up and running—from business plans and compliance to banking and insurance to managing cash flow and accounts.

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Sole practitioner Amy Roberts from Trafalgar Fiduciary, Founding Director Eve Lake from Eve Lake Conveyancing and Managing Director Rachael Gent from Gent Law shared practical advice to follow and pitfalls to avoid in the early stages of an entrepreneur’s journey.

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It’s more important than ever to be doing the right things so your law firm survives and thrives. Listen to James Brown from Hall Brown Family Law speak about his experience starting a law firm.

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In conversation with James Brown

To help budding start ups to get their businesses off to a flying start, James Brown at Hall Brown Family Law shares his best insights into starting a law firm in the UK.

“My advice to individuals embarking upon their new venture is: with good planning and the best tools – that’s outsourcing services and software – you can do what we’ve done too. Having Quill behind you means you can achieve anything.”

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In conversation with Jay Bhayani

To help budding start ups to get their businesses off to a flying start, Jay Bhayani at Bhayani HR & Employment Law shares her wisdom on the practicalities of setting up a law firm.

“With solid foundations in place, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with resilience, dedication and hard work. Success is yours for the taking.”

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“If outsourcing services cost less than our hourly rate then it’s better to outsource. Quill’s been with us since the day we started trading. There’s a stark difference between being careful with your overheads and false economies.”

James Brown, Partner Hall Brown Family Law
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