Pete Richards

Head of Technology, Leadership Team, Quill

Pete joined Quill in 2022 as Software Delivery Manager. In this role, Pete helped grow the engineering team and improved our agile software development processes. Ultimately, Pete was focused on end-to-end delivery improvements for clients to enjoy software enhancements at a continuous, steady pace with the assurance of quality always.

Pete progressed to Head of Technology in 2023. In his new post, Pete retains responsibility for the engineering team whilst simultaneously managing the IT infrastructure and data teams – for everyone to work together as a collaborative whole, ensuring safe and innovative technology within Quill and for our clients.

When Pete is not working, he can often be found in a pool, on a bike or running the trails. He’s a keen triathlete and recently completed an Ironman challenge. It’s rumoured that he does this much exercise to balance his love of cakes!

Get in touch with Pete by email or phone 0161 236 2910.