Case study: Browns Solicitors - Quill

Case study: Browns Solicitors


Browns Solicitors chooses outsourced cashiering

When Jane Lodeto and Jane Elgar formed their new legal practice, Browns Solicitors, a year ago, they immediately set about requesting quotes from suppliers of legal accounts software.

The challenge:

Initially narrowing the search by costs alone, Quill Pinpoint became the forerunner because its charges were lower than the other two shortlisted companies. Added to this, Quill was the only software provider to carefully explain the quoted figures.

As a small practice, Jane and her business partner were also interested in outsourced support, specifically legal cashiering.

The solution:

“Another way in which Quill’s different is its outsourced accounting service”, states Jane Lodeto, Solicitor and Director at Browns Solicitors. “With Quill, the service and software come together. This dual provision is unique. The cost-saving advantages are substantial when compared to an in-house cashier’s wages and legal accounts software supplied by someone else. So, we chose outsourcing.”

The future:

Aside from the financial element, another major benefit of Quill’s cashiering service, Pinpoint, is accuracy and compliance.

“Although we’re trained in the SRA Accounts Rules, no one in our business is proficient in the ins and outs of cashiering”, adds Jane. “Now, we don’t need to be. We merely log our e-chits onto Quill’s legal accounts system, Interactive. Then, all of our financial transactions are checked and maintained within the tight boundaries of the Rules by our Pinpoint cashier. Our end-of-month accounts are a non-issue. The same applies to the end of our financial year, which for us falls in January. It’s at these times, when most law firms are fretting over their books, that we’re glad not to have to worry. We’re constantly reminded of why outsourcing is best. We love everything about Pinpoint and Interactive. We already refer start-ups to Quill and intend to carry on doing so.”

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