Case study: Cumbria Employment Solicitors


Refreshingly honest approach to sales and training wins over Cumbria Employment Solicitors

Recent client, Cumbria Employment Solicitors, had such a smooth running implementation of our flagship practice management and legal accounts software, Interactive, the practice’s principal, Michael Bauer, has agreed to recount his story from initial sales demonstration to installation and go live.

The challenge & solution:

“Like most people, I’m always willing to moan if things go wrong,” comments Michael. “But, equally, I think it’s important to make positive noises when they’re justified. Over the past few months, we’ve received excellent support and training from the Quill team to get us set up with the Interactive 4 system.”

Being based near Penrith, Cumbria Employment Solicitors was assigned our regional sales consultant for the north, Anthony Davies, to showcase Interactive 4 and put in place the contractual agreement.

Michael continues: “Personally, I’m not an easy target for salespeople who adopt a traditional hard-sell approach, simply because I hate being sold to. Anthony Davies’ utterly unsalesy stance was a breath of fresh air.

“With Anthony, there was none of the normal slick, heartless and often-calculating sales patter that you tend to face in such situations. Instead, we found ourselves dealing with a down-to-earth, genuine individual who was knowledgeable on the product and keen to ensure it was right for us in equal measure. His natural, honest interaction is rare and played no small part in making the decision to go ahead with Quill.”

With the order form signed and 12-month commitment made, Cumbria Employment Solicitors next engaged in end user training for its solicitors and back office staff. Our software trainer, Anthony Lewin, was designated the responsibility of training practice employees to high competency status.

“Obviously, changing accounting systems was a pretty major deal for us, as for any law firm with lengthy accounts records,” states Michael. “Thankfully, Anthony Lewin took us through the process step by step. He was as calm, patient and clear as it’s possible to be, ever responsive to our often-moronic questions and worries! He really couldn’t have been more helpful. Anthony’s training delivery was exemplary and professional.”

The future:

In his closing statement, Michael sums up his overall experience of the journey from Quill prospect to client: “It’s extremely uncommon for promises made at the outset of such a process to be kept, never mind as Quill has done, for them to be exceeded.”