Case Study: Fahri Jacob Solicitors


Fahri Jacob buoyed by friendly support from Quill

When long-established Fahri Jacob Solicitors first opened for business, its accounts were managed on a manual bookkeeping basis. Once industry regulators introduced new requirements for computerised accounts, the firm sourced potential software suppliers from an approved providers list. Quill was one of five companies contacted, and chosen for its cooperative, friendly attitude and high-performance application.

The Challenge:

Edward Jacob, Practice Manager at Fahri Jacob, explains: “Our shortlist comprised four London-based firms and Quill whose head office is in the north. It’s not an overstatement to say that those in the south were reluctant to visit and we found them generally unhelpful.

The Solution:

“Quill was the complete opposite. They couldn’t do enough to help us and had a great manner. As our solicitors had begun getting anxious with regulators’ deadlines looming, Quill put our minds totally at ease. We were shown its legal accounts software – called Interactive – loved it, signed up and cancelled a scheduled appointment with a rival.

“In hindsight, suppliers were probably overwhelmed with a sudden influx of enquiries and some coped with the increased workload better than others; Quill being a forerunner. Whatever the reason, choosing Quill was and is the right decision. In fact, the final choice was mine. I stuck my neck out and I’ve never had to apologise for this early decision.”

The Future:

Commenting on quality – both of Quill’s product and people – Edward states: “From initial sales demonstration to this day, twenty years down the line, we have no doubts about the calibre of the software. Whilst Interactive continually evolves to give end-users new and improved functionality, it doesn’t abruptly look different overnight. Changes are introduced in stages and we appreciate this continuity.

“Something of equal importance to us is the people we’re dealing with. Quality and continuity apply to the staff at Quill too. Inevitably, people do come and go, but the hardcore remain. Many of those we met at the outset are still at Quill. I don’t know what goes on in its offices to promote such positivity and longevity, but my respect goes out to the management team. It’s deeply reassuring to know that, if we encounter any hiccups, we have a friend by our side. That friend is Quill.”

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