Case study: Vanguard Law


Family solicitor and entrepreneur, Hannah Paddock, who branched out as a sole practitioner four years ago and has since grown to an eight-strong company, advocates outsourcing as a business model for success.

The Challenge:

“When I first established Vanguard Law, I looked at other law firms to analyse their set up,” comments Hannah. “My research unequivocally showed that those using outsourced support had the best back up and were more successful as a result.” Hannah also knew outsourcing would keep her costs competitive.

“Once I had made the decision to outsource, I had to find suppliers who I could trust to assist me in maintaining high standard of client care and regulatory compliance. I saw an advert for Quill’s legal cashiering service and booked a demo. It did everything I needed and had the bonus of a legal cashier thrown in.”

The Solution:

“With outsourcing, you have access to the most skilled people who are experts in their field, but at lower cost and only when you need them. It’s much cheaper than standard recruitment and employment costs, because even when your workload is quieter and your employees have less to do, you still have salaries to pay at the end of the month. I don’t have to worry about cover for holidays or sickness or extra help at busy times. We have the support we need; when we need it.

“You only pay outsourced service providers for what you use. Not only does it save thousands of pounds of year it also provided better support for our team than a traditional in house set up. Which business owner wouldn’t want to do that?”

The Future:

“As the company has grown, I have added more and more Quill services – Quill TypePayroll and Forms. I have also been impressed with the development of Quill’s software. It’s getting better and better every day and the ability to make requests for further development of the software is ideal.”

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