Case study: Warner & Richardson


Warner & Richardson promotes outsourced payroll

As our Liverpool payroll bureau welcomes its 15,000th end user, we introduce one of our newest clients.

The challenge:

Heather Gardiner, Administration Manager at Warner & Richardson Solicitors, describes her reasons for choosing Quill Payroll and business benefits now realised as customers of our outsourced payroll service:-

“Up until August this year, our Practice Manager processed our payroll on top of his other countless responsibilities.  When he left the practice, we had two options.  The first obvious choice was to find a direct replacement.  The second, less conventional route was to have a re-shuffle and outsource the more specialised aspects of his role, specifically the payroll and cashiering functions.”

The solution:

“We decided on the latter course of action.  We recognised how his departure had presented us with a real opportunity to streamline how we manage our business internally and take advantage of outsourcing services for areas which are subject to frequent change, complicated in nature, vastly time consuming, prone to error and heavily regulated.

“We shared the less critical staffing and HR tasks between our Partners and looked for an outsourcing partner for payroll and legal accounts.  As we were already using Quill’s Interactive system for its client database, accounts ledger management and reporting functionality, it made complete sense to stay with Quill, keep using the system and simply upgrade our contract from a software-only to software-and-outsourcing-service arrangement.”

The future:

“What we love about Quill’s services is the ability to customise according to preference, whether on a fully or part-managed basis.  For example, our bank accounts are still controlled in house and we authorise the actual salary payments, but Quill does all the difficult background administration that makes this happen.

“Quill maintains our payroll and accounts in perfect order so that regulatory compliance is assured.  That’s a great weight off our minds and means the job of our compliance officers is that much easier.  It’s no surprise that the payroll team are accredited Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

“Our payroll clerk and legal cashier are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.  What more could we ask for?”

Head over to our Quill Payroll microsite to find out more on our outsourced payroll service.