Form bundles make life easier and save up to 70% on form completion time


What’s not to like about form bundles?

Guest Blog

from Paul Clyde, Sales Director, FormEvo

At FormEvo, we look for opportunities to reduce data input errors and save time by avoiding duplication of data input. Many forms that are used in conjunction with other forms have the same data, so why not just enter the data once and let it automatically populate any of the other forms required?

Common Field Names (CFNs) enable pre population in form bundles for related forms; even when you don’t know at the outset which related forms you will need, as typically seen in IHT.


How cloud-based legal forms can save you time

Cloud based legal forms enable you to auto calculate across any monetary value boxes and then auto populate from one page to another or even again across associated forms. Continuation schedules that include brought-forward figures are included, even when you don’t know how many continuation pages you will need until you are in the depths of the matter months after starting.

True transformation comes from how forms are used to deliver an efficient service that meets law firm needs. Through regular communication with our law firm clients, we can gain a better understanding of what they require, and this is often where the best ideas come from. As a result of this we have created multiple form bundles to make life easier for lawyers, such as in Conveyancing with the TA range, Private Client with LPAs and IHT completion and even in Intellectual Property and Scottish litigation too.

Let’s look at an example; when completing the multiple forms required within an IHT estate calculation, you can be entering the same data many, many times and the opportunity for entering the wrong repetitive information is high. We have reduced that risk by entering data once into the IHT400 then any supplementary forms I.e. IHT405 or 407 that you then open, will instantly have any relevant data passed across and filled in the right box.


How else can we make the form completion process easier?

Some forms can take months to complete and every bundle is different, so we thought how about we build an easy to use navigation tool on the fly and as you complete the various forms it colour codes with a traffic light system, form sections, so you can see the next time you login (even if this is months away) what you still need to do and have done. It’s a visual Bundle Bookmark system.
Listening to our clients is part of everyone’s job at FormEvo and if you have a common group of forms you use then let us know and we’ll look to see how we can create another bundle to make life easier for you!

The last 20 years have seen massive growth in technology for the legal profession, a profession that was previously renowned for paper-trail files and heavily reliant on ‘outmoded’ methods of managing documents and business operations.

Legal forms have evolved. FormEvo are proud to partner with Quill and are pleased to see that law firms are embracing the digital transformation process.


About FormEvo

FormEvo is a modern, progressive, cloud-based legal forms solution for use by progressive practices – from high street firms, sole practitioners through to the Top 100 law firms.

We are a team of legal forms specialists. That’s all we do, and this means we focus on new forms innovation only and we can partner with many of the key providers of case and document management software that you might engage with.


Want to learn more?

Connect with Paul: | |07340 902835. More information regarding form bundling and cloud based legal forms is available HERE.