New eBook from Quill to assist law firms with going paperless released


With the typical office worker consuming an average of 10,000 sheets of paper annually and the costs of using paper runs up to 31 times the price of purchasing it in the first place, Quill has published a new eBook to help law firms reduce their reliance on paper and operate in a smarter, more digital world.

Quill’s eBook ‘How to go paperless in a law firm is a guide for legal practices to achieve their paperless office goals, an ambition not just related to corporate social responsibility and saving money, but something that’s been elevated on every business’s agenda during the Covid-19 pandemic and its mandated requirement for home working.

With the legal sector accelerating its adoption of technology over the past 17 months, largely by utilising cloud-based solutions and moving to a hot-desking set up for the future, this latest industry eBook presents useful tips for law firm managers aspiring to go fully paperless with timely content comprising six common mistakes to avoid and nine steps to success.

Dotted throughout the eBook are insights from law firms who’ve realised their paperless objectives including Andrew Guile at GN Law, Johdi Hutchins at Galloway Hughes and Jawaid Luqmani at Luqmani Thompson & Partners. Having become fully digital themselves, there’s inspiration for organisations keen to embark upon a similar paperless crusade whilst not compromising in vital areas such as regulatory compliance.

Quill’s Managing Director, Julian Bryan, says

“Covid-19 has demanded that companies globally should embrace digital working with an extreme sense of urgency. Results to date have been mixed, particularly in law. What’s become clear is that going paperless doesn’t actually have to be difficult, as long as you start off on the right foot.

“As explained in our eBook, the ‘right’ way begins with building your paperless foundations and concludes with managing the change internally. The ‘wrong’ way is investing in off-the-shelf, generic document management solutions hosted on on-premise file servers.

“Our eBook proves what Quill has advocated during our 40-plus years serving the legal profession – that software purpose-built for law firms is always best. Where document management software is concerned, it’s about digitising your case management and legal accounting processes – from onboarding through to invoicing and all associated documentation – and capturing time and attendance along the way.”

Quill’s guide is ideal for law offices looking to switch from paper-heavy to paper-light, or even become completely paperless, introducing welcome efficiencies while simultaneously lowering overheads, all of which combine to enable smarter modes of working.

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