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Quill uncovers… LinkedIn for law webinar: A step-by-step guide for partners


Remember our first QUILL UNCOVERS webinar on ‘Secrets from real partners on the tech you really need‘? The second in our four-part series continues in August with the all-important subject of using LinkedIn for the business of law. As THE platform for professional networking and marketing, you can’t afford to miss these valuable insights from LinkedIn gurus so register now!

Quill uncovers… LinkedIn for law: A step-by-step guide for partners
Tuesday 10th August from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Register here

A lot happens on LinkedIn. People post updates, professionals seek new jobs, salespeople pitch prospective customers, and LinkedIn members of all kinds connect, chat and build relationships.

But how can partners and law firms use LinkedIn to their advantage?

In the second in our QUILL UNCOVERS webinar series, we will be joined by guest speakers Sahar Farooqi, Barrister & Partner at DAC Beachcroft, and Stuart Kaye, Director at Adams Kaye, as well as Yvonne Boateng, a LinkedIn consultant and social media expert.

Our speakers will be sharing how they’ve used LinkedIn to stand out and attract new clients, employees and followers.

This will be a practical guide perfect for partners in law firms to better understand how to use LinkedIn and some actionable steps you can take today to bring your profile and company pages to life.

LinkedIn for law webinar by Quill

To attend our webinar, sign up here!

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