Summer holiday cover from Quill


Planning your annual summer holiday is exciting.  Considering where to go and what to do can provide many fun-filled hours with the world your oyster.  Once booked, you eagerly await its arrival for a hard-earned break from your usual work and home routine.

Not so for everyone…

For some, holiday season is a worrying period because of tasks left undone or potential problems cropping up which only you can fix.

You’ll be pleased to hear, that with Quill’s outsourced services and cloud-stored software, you can have the support you need to enjoy your ultimate summer holiday.

Love summertime and relax on the beach with our extensive product range:-

To further set the scene, does one of these examples sound like an all-too-familiar scenario?

In-house cashiers: Concerned about leaving your accounts work untouched for your holiday’s duration, particularly if coinciding with month end?  Does the return to work post-holiday result in stress-induced catch-up days?

IT staff: As the person responsible for your firm’s IT network, do any technical issues arising unexpectedly (as they often do!) while away cause disruptive downtime which can’t be properly resolved until your holiday’s over?  In the meantime, the cost in terms of lost fee earning can be substantial.

Practice managers: You need time off just like the rest of us.  But, with your business at stake, you need to keep a constant close eye on things.  For you, working on holiday is unavoidable but, with some legal software, may not be possible without being physically present in the office.

Here’s what Chris Caley, IT Manager at QualitySolicitors Punch Robson, has to say:-

“Unlike most people, I couldn’t fully relax on holiday because I worried about things going wrong in my absence.  What if someone forgot the back-up tape?  What if our servers failed?  What if downtime was caused through IT-related issues?  The constant flow of negative scenarios running through my head prevented me from enjoying the whole holiday experience.  Now, the technical side of things is looked after by Quill, which is a weight off my mind.  Not only is my day-to-day work easier, I can go on holiday calm in the knowledge that our matter files and financial data are in safe hands.”

To put your back-up plans in place for this year’s holiday season, get in touch with us by email at or phone 0161 236 2910.

Your summer holiday starts here…