“Virtual” legal cashiering saves Nicholls Christie & Crocker from hiring in midst of pandemic stress


Case study: Nicholls Christie & Crocker

  • From its two offices in Middlesex, Nicholls Christie & Crocker’s team provides legal advice and support on domestic and commercial conveyancing; family, children and divorce law; wills, probate, trusts and inheritance; and child care proceedings involving social services.
  • Nicholls Christie & Crocker has been a happy client of Quill’s software for 20 years+ and now has turned to Quill’s outsourced cashiering service after its in-house legal cashier left the business.

Interview with: Julian Stern, solicitor and manager of Nicholls Christie & Crocker’s North Harrow branch.

The Challenge:

“We’ve been relying on Quill’s software to progress matters and run our accounts for a long, long time,” explains Julian Stern. “We upgraded to the cloud-based version of Quill five years ago because it offers flexible working, easier maintenance and lower costs.

“When our cashier resigned last year, we found ourselves shorthanded. Who would handle our legal accounts? We couldn’t trust just anybody with that role.

“In addition, recruiting replacement staff during lockdown posed challenges as it’s not as easy to interview, appoint and induct new employees.”

The Solution:

“Luckily, we turned to Quill and requested adding its outsourced cashiering service on an initial temporary basis,” continues Julian. “This solved our short-term problem, especially since our Quill cashier was working with the software which is already bedded in, and could get on with things quickly and efficiently.

“Quill’s cloud system also proved particularly beneficial during lockdown, as our employees were able to access their matters and accounts from anywhere. It’s extremely useful having the ability to work in this flexible way; something that’s featured heavily in the spotlight since March 2020.”

The Future:

Now that Nicholls Christie & Crocker is a combined software-and-outsourced-cashiering-service user, the relationship with Quill is stronger than ever.

“The fact we’re long-term Quill clients is proof enough of how satisfied we are with its software,” concludes Julian. “Everything with our legal cashier is going swimmingly. We’re delighted with Quill and see no reason to leave.”

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