What’s changing with legal forms in 2022? (webinar)


Webinar #2: What’s changing with legal forms in 2022?
Tuesday 17th May, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
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Recent changes have been widely reported in family law legislation, specifically as a result of the ‘no fault’ divorce which is heralded as the biggest change in divorce law in England and Wales for nearly 50 years.

What’s been less reported are the enhancements and functionality available in the brand new and amended FormEvo forms developed to support this blame-free system of divorce.

Join us at Quill Forms for a webinar updating you on what’s available, and easily accessible, to Quill users and how you can take full advantage of these tools.

Attend our session on 17th May for expert information including:

Enhanced FormE
Newly enhanced D81
Summary of the new forms available
Sharing access to forms with your clients
e-Signature functionality specifically customised for family law teams
The road map in relation to family forms



Quill legal forms webinar