Welcome to Quill, Gherson Solicitors

Hi there!

We are thrilled to welcome you as a new customer of Quill. We feel honoured that you have chosen us to fill your practice management needs, and we are eager to be of service.

This bespoke portal will be used by you, your colleagues and Quill to facilitate your move to your new system. The 4 steps below are all equally important in order for us to obtain all the required information, data, reports, etc from you.

To help you with this process, we have made a short video to the right of this message. This takes you through the portal and how to complete it step by step.

To support you, we have assigned Mark Hampson, our Implementation Project Lead, to take care of your account and guide you through the entire implementation process from start to go-live. Mark is supported by our Implementation Manager, Anthony Howells, team of Trainers and Data Convertors who will assist throughout the process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we will endeavour to take care of any issues as promptly as possible. Again, thank you for choosing Quill.

Your Implementation Schedule

In here you will find all of our key dates and actions you need to be aware of between now and go live date.

View My Implementation schedule

Key Information

Your key data is an important step to ensure that the integrity of your practice management records will not be lost in the data migration process.

Submit My Key Information

Data Mapping

As part of the data conversion we will configure your initial database and map key data fields such as nominal’s, fee earners, client and office bank account details, etc.

Fill In My Information

 Upload Your Documents

Once you have completed your firms key data and data mapping please upload your documents such as Bill Templates, Client care letters, month-end reports, etc.

Upload My Firm’s Files

Our commitments and expectations

Accountability to our clients, our staff and our community is core to our ethos. Our goal is to deliver smart and intuitive solutions that make your law firm run smoothly. As a valued customer of Quill, your satisfaction with our service is paramount. As your implementation team, we will endeavour to go above and beyond and ensure that your practice feels comfortable with the new ways of working. As the client, our expectation is that you will treat us with respect and to provide us your data in a timely manner.