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Stay safe; look before you leap

Stay safe; look before you leap

If you’re thinking of changing software suppliers, make sure you put data access and compliance high on your list of needs. Staying connected and being compliant is in reality what keeps your doors open. And at the core of compliance it’s about the proper handling of client money, maintaining accurate records and having a clear audit trail.

While system functionality is also important, unless you have the basics in place, the bells and whistles are irrelevant. So before taking a tour of all the features within prospective systems on your shortlist, think about these three questions:-

What service uptime guarantee’s offered?
Where’s the data centre located?
What’s the visibility of client and office account financials on one screen? 

To answer these questions, you should note:-

At Quill, we promise to deliver all of the above and more. With us, your business really is in safe hands.

Check out our cloud-hosted Interactive practice management and legal accounts software for starters then get in touch to talk to our friendly team - that's David, Clare and Anthony. Email us at or call 0161 236 2910.