Guide: The essential smart law firm technology you need

Discover what tech tools to invest in, why go paperless and how you can make the tools you already have at your disposal work harder. With hundreds of options out there, identifying what technology your law firm actually needs can be difficult. Which begs the question: what tech DO law practices need?

Get smart, before it’s too late

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught law firms anything, it’s the importance of investing in smart and innovative digital technology. During a year of national lockdowns, remote working and endless video calls, our ability to adapt and seek out digital solutions was tested to the full.

As a result, the world now expects the law to be delivered just like any other service – at the touch of a button. Rather than push back against those demands, smart law firms are embracing them. And so should you.

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Listen to Andrew Guile (GN Law) and Johdi Hutchins (Galloway Hughes) discuss their experiences with bringing the power of smart technology to their law firms. Quill’s guide to the essential smart law firm technology will show you the simple steps you need to take to ensure your law firm is a smart one. Covering everything from hybrid working to using our very own legal software, if you’ve got any questions about the kinds of technologies you need to succeed, you’ll find them here.

“We’re entirely paperless. Always taking note of the people around us, our accountants went paperless some time ago and championed it. In our paperless crusade, along with Quill, VoIP and Office 365, we scan everything as soon as it arrives. Important documentation is then stored in a cupboard and shredded if it’s still gathering dust after six months.”

Johdi Hutchins, Partner/Practice Manager Galloway Hughes
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