Adoption of LSSA’s data conversion standards


As the LSSA publishes its data conversion white paper, just seven weeks after launching its updated Code of Conduct of which the white paper plays an integral role, we’re proud to announce we’re early to adopt the new LSSA standards.

The data conversion white paper, available on the LSSA website, sets out essential data conversion practices which include extracting data in an industry-standard format within a reasonable timeframe, exporting associated case-related documents, generating reports on current data, supporting trial conversions by cooperating with the alternative software supplier, transforming data to accommodate subtle differences between databases and checking data integrity once converted with any necessary correctional activity.

Tom Wormald, Client Services Director responsible for ensuring high quality of all client-facing services and who’s passionate about exceeding expectations, commented:

“The LSSA’s white paper defines certain standards which law firms should reasonably expect when converting data from one system to another at the point of upgrading their software, be it case management, legal accounting, document management or complete practice management. Bearing in mind the huge volumes of data and documents involved, data conversion can be very complicated.

“It’s obvious that some software suppliers make the data conversion process as difficult and long-drawn-out as possible in an attempt not to lose any clients. Not only is this unethical, as their clients’ data is the property of their clients alone, it’s also the worst type of client retention strategy there is.

“At Quill, we’ve always believed that the best way to keep clients is to provide such exceptional standards of service that they simply want to stick around for the long haul. However, it would be naïve to assume that clients never depart. There are, of course, occasions when our clients choose to leave.

“When this situation arises, we make it our business to support clients as much as we can. That’s because we fully understand how stressful it can be to migrate software with the upheaval it causes. Adding to this stress by being deliberately awkward just isn’t in our nature. We’ve always acted in this way, so you could say we’re actually a step ahead of the LSSA’s white paper.

“By being so helpful, we often find that clients return to Quill slightly further down the line when their new suppliers fail to live up to the promises made during the sales process. We’ve got plenty of case studies about departing-then-returning clients which provide affirmation to existing and prospective clients of Quill’s status as a responsible software supplier.

“Other suppliers have a duty to do the same and respond appropriately as the custodian, not owner, of their clients’ data. There’s now even more reason for law firms to choose a supplier who’s an LSSA member when purchasing software. It’s confirmation that they’ll be well looked after at all stages of the customer lifecycle from acquisition right through to vacation. Suppliers not meeting the LSSA’s standards stand to lose their LSSA accreditation completely. End users should apply extreme caution when dealing with these companies.”