Case study: Bennetts


Pinpoint supports modernisation plans

Bennetts Solicitors is a niche practice based in Bristol and Cardiff. Bennetts is moving forward following the retirement, a couple of years ago, of two of the firm’s senior partners and has recently undertaken a move to convenient, out-of-city-centre renovated offices.

“We’re a modern practice, embracing modern working methods”, explains Lee Hamer, Partner at Bennetts Solicitors. “The current-day legal client is both price and quality conscious so the needs of our clients are central to everything we do. Each client is unique and we treat every case differently on its own merits. Our service is personal”.

The challenge:

To deliver outstanding levels of service, Bennetts relies upon its lawyers, management methods and technology.

“Our lawyers are committed to resolving clients’ legal problems to the very best of their capabilities”, adds Lee. “Their dedication means that we frequently work long hours, late into the evening and weekends. That way, we can respond to queries, meet clients or prospective clients and provide case updates, when requested”.

The flexible working patterns of practice staff, particularly partners, means that they rely upon back office support and easily accessible software in order to run their business effectively, work remotely and closely monitor their financial accounts.

The solution:

“We have used the Pinpoint outsourced legal cashiering service from Quill for a considerable period of time”, clarifies Lee. “The relationship between us, our cashier and supervisor were firmly established, and we were eager to maintain them after the retirement of two of the senior partners in 2011. The Pinpoint team know us inside out, so our accounts run like clockwork. We’re sent weekly compliance reports which foreshadow any problems as potential breaches are spotted and remedied before anything’s posted. Whilst we have an excellent cashier in house, Pinpoint is our safety net, and is an essential and vital part of our risk, compliance and management structure”.

The future:

With the supporting Interactive legal accounting and case management software, provided with the service, available on a hosted platform, Bennetts chose to migrate to the web-based version.

“The online software is excellent as it gives real time access to data”, concludes Lee. “As a business owner, it’s important that I keep an eye on finances. I look at the management accounts every other day. I’m generally only in the office 1 or 2 days a week with the majority of my time spent elsewhere in business development meetings or home working. iPad and iPhone access to the system is so useful for myself and the other partners. Other practices in our position should take a look at Quill’s software and services”.