Case study: Bridge & Co - Quill

Case study: Bridge & Co


Outsourcing helps start-up, Bridge & Co, hit the ground running

When Martin Bridge left a practice partnership to set up as a sole practitioner with no support staff, his chosen business model was outsourced IT and administration.

The challenge:

Martin at Bridge & Co explains: “As a sole practitioner, I’m the only person bringing in money. I have to earn fees because my business depends upon it. That’s why I decided to outsource my software and to a cloud provider and offload my cashiering to an outsourcing supplier. I simply don’t have time to spend on these full-on functions as well as being a solicitor”.

The solution:

A market research project ensued. Martin performed research online and acquired lists from industry self-regulating body, the Legal Software Suppliers Association.

“Having just come out of a partnership where we had dedicated staff to perform this type of system review role, I was completely new to the whole process”, continues Martin. “As most people would in my shoes, I made the logical first step of surfing the internet. The LSSA software-house listings were useful too. I selected Quill because its solutions catered for all my needs – hosted legal accounts and practice management software, and outsourced accounting service”.

As a start-up, there was a short implementation timescale. Martin comments: “The beauty of Quill is that you can switch on its software and services at once. When you’re eager to start practicing, this provision immediacy is a huge selling point”.

The future:

Summarising the benefits of Quill’s solutions, Martin concludes: “It’s physically impossible for sole practitioners like me to cope utterly on their own. Where easily affordable support is available, it’d be very short sighted not to use it.

“I’m an IT novice and time is scarce. Quill’s Interactive software is extremely easy to use. With a bit of training and by watching a few podcasts, I’ve quickly picked it up. I don’t have the trouble of IT management either because that’s Quill’s responsibility. All I have to do is pick up the phone to speak with a helpdesk technician. This reinforcement is invaluable.

“I have further back-up from my Pinpoint cashier. Quill carries out all my legal accounts administration. The service is guaranteed to comply with regulations as the Pinpoint team are SRA Accounts Rules and Legal Aid Agency proficient. My cashier is a defence against common errors which, as a newly formed practice, are actually all novel to me.

“I’d absolutely recommend Quill to other start-ups. Acknowledge your limitations in terms of time, expertise and money. Focus your attention on your strengths and be a lawyer. Let Quill do everything else”.

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