Case study: Rogers Legal - Quill

Case study: Rogers Legal


Rogers Legal praises cloud-based software

When Trudy Rogers established her specialist private client law firm in 2014, Rogers Legal, three of her most immediate requirements as a sole practitioner were self-organising software, off-site hosting and technical back-up.

She chose our cloud-based legal accounts and practice management software – Interactive – with add-on document management module.

The challenge:

15 months later, Trudy explains: “I wouldn’t have been able to manage my first year without Quill.  The challenge for sole practitioners, me included, is the need to juggle administration with client work.  You’re your own personal assistant, clerk, fee earner and managing partner all in one.

“I don’t have room for wall-to-wall filing cabinets; I can’t afford server equipment which costs thousands; and I’m not an IT expert.  Thankfully, that’s the typical profile of a Quill user!”

The solution:

By subscribing to Interactive, Trudy has outsourced her IT infrastructure, ongoing maintenance and support responsibilities to us with the additional benefit of a fail-safe business continuity plan.

“Interactive’s a hosted application which means my data and documents are stored and backed up in Quill’s cloud,” continues Trudy.  “Should things go belly up, for example if I have an IT breakdown, these electronic files are secure and I’m happy that I have complied with my obligations to protect client confidentiality in the way that Quill stores and manages my clients’ data.

“The technical service provided by Quill is brilliant too.  If the helpdesk don’t immediately answer my calls, they ring me back swiftly and talk things through over the phone.  Their never-ending patience is equally important for a self-confessed computer Luddite like me!  They really are a credit to Quill.”

Interactive’s easy-to-use yet intricate functionality enable software users to effortlessly manage every area within a legal business.

“Apart from my ledgers and annual accounts, I perform all other functions,” adds Trudy.  “The mere fact that I’m able to do this, despite my limited expertise, shows how user-friendly Interactive is.  I know exactly where my files are stored and how to access them, which is vitally important as the lone fee earner who lacks the time for administration because my client-facing legal duties always come first.”

The future:

In her concluding statement, Trudy praises the non-prescriptive format of Interactive, commenting: “Full, rigid case management systems are too restrictive for private client work because no one template fits everyone.  With Interactive, there’s just the right level of assistance, automatically populated document templates, user prompts and diary reminders to drive matters onwards and show case progress with supporting correspondence from a centralised view.  I’m extremely organised and it’s thanks to Quill’s software.”

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