Case study: Simpkins & Co


Business management support

Simpkins & Co Solicitors was founded in May 2004 by Steven and Cassandra Simpkins, who, as well as being Partners in the firm are husband and wife. Simpkins & Co is a small family law firm based in Highcliffe, Dorset, specialising in civil litigation.

The challenge & solution:

Cassandra Simpkins explains how Quill’s Pinpoint outsourced legal cashiering service provides their practice with a compliance safety net and business management support:

“Outsourcing our accounts with Pinpoint is a way of reducing our overheads to a minimum as the monthly fee covers everything. We consider Quill a trusted supplier, have faith in all the staff and long-standing relationships with key members, such as our cashier.

“The efficient bookkeeping service is extremely thorough. It provides an additional safety net for our firm in the face of the new compliance regime and means should any minor breaches occur, they are immediately highlighted and remedied, thus keeping us fully compliant.”

The future:

“Using Pinpoint for cashiering responsibilities means my Partner and I can concentrate on providing excellent legal advice to our clients and we can keep a closer eye on other key areas of our firm’s business management. The outsourcing service ultimately helps immensely with our long term aim of increasing profits and our firm’s continued survival in an ever challenging legal marketplace.”