Get the balance right: Cloud accessibility v data security in law firms


Get the balance right: Cloud accessibility v data security in law firms 

Quill and Google, Law Society Webinar
Wednesday 16th November, 13:00 – 14:00
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Cloud computing risks and cyber security are hot topics for law firms.

As an affiliate partner of the Law Society of England and Wales, we’re thrilled to invite you to this free, highly informative webinar hosted with the Law Society and alongside Google data experts.

With the use of cloud computing systems and services becoming more and more widespread, and managers discovering how efficient and streamlined they can make their businesses by adopting cloud solutions, this session explores how to balance the benefits of data-on-the-move with the potential hazards of cybercrime, money laundering and SRA penalties.

Chaired by Quill’s Executive Chairman Julian Bryan, this webinar will teach you how to:

– Understand digital transformation in regulated industries and cyber security risks along with how to safeguard your law firm.
– Recognise that technology can drive differentiation in an increasingly competitive legal sector.
– Enjoy the full benefits of a cloud based software solution for your legal accounts and practice management.
– Be aware of upcoming changes and challenges and be better prepared for this.
– Grasp new skills and opportunities to remain competitive by streamlining and automating your practice management.
– Identify situations in which client and office data security risks could occur and apply best practices to avoid these risks.
– Hear real-world examples about managing data security and using strategies to build your own actionable steps.

This webinar is free for fee earners, practice managers, data protection officers, COLPs, COFAs, IT managers and principals/partners/directors, but registration is required here.