Cloud software and outsourcing solutions for busy lawyers


Modern-day solicitors work ever-longer hours at the office, in court and at home. The struggle for a better work-life balance is par for the course as the mountain of paperwork continues to grow.

Similarly, law firms themselves are under continuing pressure to deliver more (services) for less (cost). Marketplace competition’s fierce so you’ve got to fight your aggressive challengers by driving innovation, introducing efficiencies and reducing overheads.

In the current legal landscape, what worked today may not necessarily work tomorrow. The rate of change which impacts upon your business is immense. Nothing’s static. That should include you.

Thanks to Quill, future proofing your practice has never been easier or more affordable. Choose from our readily available range of cloud software and outsourcing solutions:-

Legal accounts software

Our Interactive system contains all the features your cashier needs to prepare monetary transfers, post bills, pay disbursements and carry out any other ledger transactions. For assured compliance, Interactive’s built-in breach alerts and anomaly reports keep your finances in line with the SRA Accounts Rules.

But Interactive’s about more than just accounting. As a complete practice management system, there are tools for matter management, client relationship management, time recording and document management. Additionally, there’s a comprehensive reporting suite with enables standard and customised report production in seconds with an overview of statistics in real time 24/7 from your personalised home screen.

Its cloud format means you can access Interactive any time, any place, any device but stay closely connected with your colleagues and clients. You no longer need in-house hardware and resources with the added bonus of scalability, so your running costs are substantially reduced.

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DMS & AML system

Interactive is supplied with DMS Lite as standard for unlimited storage, sub-folder categorisation and document tagging to assist with storage and retrieval of matter-related documentation. By upgrading to DMS Professional, there’s stronger integration with your MS Office suite – Word and Outlook – so you can spend your entire working day in your familiar Microsoft applications with automatic links to your database and matter files.

Our add-on AML facility performs reliable AML and credit checks during client set-up, with instant pass or fail status and lifetime storage of results. Reliable screening results give you confidence that you’re fulfilling your anti-money laundering obligations and your clients have the funds available to pay for your services.

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Cashiering service

To streamline your business even more, outsource your legal accounting function to our SRA Accounts Rules expert Pinpoint cashiering team. We’re always in and never sick, providing a guarantee of uninterrupted provision, saving you the hassle of employing your own cashier and freeing up your time for higher priority tasks, for example chargeable activity or business development.

Pay a single transaction volume-based fee and see your outbound spends reduce further still.

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Payroll service

Select optional payroll support and let our dedicated payroll bureau process your staff’s salary payments and manage your workplace pensions. Our Bacs-registered bureau, Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals-accredited clerks and HMRC-approved software accurately manage your payroll whilst keeping on top of evolving reforms including PAYE, RTI and AE.

With another less burden on your time and more cost savings to be made, focus your efforts elsewhere and watch your profit margins expand.

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