Document management made easier and better with release of DocsHub


Leading legal software provider Quill is setting out to make legal professionals’ document management more streamlined and efficient than ever before through the launch of its improved DocsHub service.

The leading-edge system allows users to create and manage case files, forms, correspondence and other documentation within a one-stop digital repository. Material is stored securely via the cloud, with teams enjoying convenient access at any time and on any device for improved collaboration.

DocsHub is seamlessly integrated with popular software including Microsoft Office to facilitate the simple creation, editing and storage of templates, letters and emails. The automation technology creates an “enter once, populate everywhere” process for all legal documents.

It provides a clear dashboard of caseloads and shortcuts to key and recently used documents and emails, while time spent on documents and correspondence is automatically captured for straightforward record-keeping.

By reducing paper use and storage space, DocsHub makes document management environmentally friendly as well as safe and simple.

“The decision to go paperless is a major step in a practice’s journey to going fully digital and in the cloud,” said Quill Managing Director Julian Bryan. “What used to take six to 12 months and teams of people to complete can now be done in days, even hours, with Quill’s DocsHub.”

The DocsHub service was made available to Quill users from Monday 15th February at a charge of just £19 per month per user. Quill is providing comprehensive support for the new service through online training, webinars and other resources.

“Quill is constantly striving to improve processes and workloads for legal professionals, and our new-look DocsHub service will take automation efficiencies to the next level,” says Bryan.“Our goal is to strip back the hassles and tedium of document management and time capture, and free practices up to deliver the best possible client service. With so many of us away from offices and seeking new ways to improve productivity and collaboration, this is the perfect time to introduce DocsHub, and we’re looking forward to helping our communities make the very most of it – securely – in the months ahead.

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