How to go paperless in 2021 webinar: 10 steps to eliminating paper in law firms


Our thought-provoking webinar series continues on 14th July with ‘How to go paperless’. Please do join us. It’s informative, transformative and free!

How to go paperless in 2021: 10 steps to eliminating paper in law firms
Wednesday, 14th July from 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
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We all understand the need to ditch physical files. Cumbersome paperwork and bulky filing cabinets are not the products of a smart law firm. But there’s a reason why legal practices hesitate to go fully digital. How do you start?

What may feel like a herculean task doesn’t have to be with the right tools and strategy in place!

You see, going paperless is actually a lot easier than you’d first think. Learn how to eliminate paper in our complimentary webinar, from storing documents electronically according to the same organising system as before to automatically scanning inbound printed paperwork to documenting your defined procedures and more.

Quill’s Managing Director Julian Bryan and Sales Consultant Jo Poole will show you how to go paperless so your practice operates with less stress, less costs, less office space and zero waste.

Our webinar will cover:

  • How to get started
  • 10 easy steps to going paperless
  • The best technology and tools available
  • Best practices around labelling, foldering and versioning
  • Scanning dos and don’ts
  • Document management via Quill’s DocsHub
  • Automating document production with legal forms

Quill webinar - how to go paperless in 2021 - 10 steps to eliminating paper in law firms

This session is packed full of tricks and tips to maximise how you can use the Quill system to go paperless. Sign up for free now!

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