North Star Law and AK Law latest converts to Quill Payroll service


Shifting patterns in the legal landscape are generating increasing numbers of law firms seeking to outsource practice roles of a non-client-facing nature.  To remain competitive, practices are introducing business improvement programmes which heavily feature partnering with outsourcing providers.  This includes payroll and pension management.

We’re finding that employing alternative staffing models such as these has never been more important or widely used than it is today, with unprecedented numbers of new sign-ups to our outsourced payroll service.

Julian Bryan, Quill’s Managing Director, explains: “Outsourced support is an ever-popular option for practices who want to operate more efficiently and reduce overheads, which are two of the main, but not exclusive, advantages of outsourcing agreements.

“What is important, though, is not just choosing a supplier, but finding the right supplier for your business.  Due diligence is advised by carefully inspecting contractual terms.  Lately, we’ve seen firms trying other payroll service providers only to migrate to Quill Payroll instead.  This is real testament to our high service standards and fair pricing structure.”

Sandra Lopes, Office Manager at North Star Law and recent convert to Quill Payroll, comments: “We were already using an outsourced payroll bureau but switched to Quill because the service is far superior.  Our partnership with Quill is still in its infancy but so far we’re totally impressed with the accuracy and efficiency of our payroll.  Considering the growing complexity of payroll calculations, this is a great achievement.

“Another notable improvement is the cost.  Quill’s service is better price wise because our fee’s headcount dependent.  This is saving us money month on month.  Now, as Quill Payroll clients, we’re reducing the HR workload and lowering overhead expenditure.”

Milton Andreou, Solicitor at AK Law and another newly appointed Quill Payroll user, states: “We’ve outsourced our payroll for some time because we understand the value of utilising professional help to stay abreast of HMRC and other government legislation.  By outsourcing, you don’t carry the burden of compliance, avoid being penalised for getting it wrong or missing deadlines, and can spend your time on other HR processes to better support your employees.

“We recently swapped to Quill and we’ve never looked back.  Quill Payroll is an efficient, flexible outsourced payroll service.  Our payroll clerk is proficient at handling any late-in-the-day salary-related adjustments, such as additions or deductions, and will do whatever it takes to ensure our payroll’s processed on time, every time.  We fully appreciate this promptness of service and, more importantly, so do our workforce who now have complete confidence in receiving their salaries when due.”

Julian concludes: “The law is an industry like no other.  It’s evolved beyond all recognition over the last few years.  It’s an exciting time to be a legal service provider because there are substantial opportunities to change from a traditional set-up into an innovative and profitable business.

“A key part of this process involves utilising outsourcing partners and giving them responsibility for complicated back-office roles, payroll amongst them.  We’d be delighted to talk with any potentially interested parties about our outsourcing solutions and the multiple reasons, with benefits, for their widespread take-up throughout the legal community.”

To learn more about the Quill Payroll (or Pinpoint outsourced legal cashiering) service, practices are encouraged to contact the Quill team by emailing, calling 0845 226 2587 or visiting