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Software launch : document management v4

Posted: 3rd September, 2012

Document management just got easier!

Our document management users are set to receive enhancements to their software over the next few weeks. Resulting from ongoing client discussions and analysing the responses to a recent survey, your priority wish list requests have been built into the system and thoroughly tested by our beta site.

The beauty of the hosted set-up for document management means that the software will be automatically updated on our servers for immediate access by all subscribers, so there’s no action needed at our clients’ premises.

The upgrade facilitates a significant performance increase whilst promoting more secure, cohesive and productive working. The latest version contains the following improved features and benefits:

Login screen

Supports multiple connections (primary, secondary and disaster recovery) in the event of internet failures

For your business continuity protection

Save to case screen

Allows recording of additional notes against documents or emails

Enables users to save files to cases on behalf of other fee earners

Ability to choose different file types when saving to case

Facility to filter your case history by fee earner and file type

Helping you with the storage and retrieval process for reduced data input and search time

Bulk upload to case history

Allows multiple emails to be saved simultaneously to the case history

Save time linking emails to cases and efficiently manage your Outlook communications

Time recording facility

Gives users the option to select the attendance code (including rate schemes for Legal Aid matters) and number of units when saving files to cases for subsequent billing purposes

For better time recording integration and recovery of fees due

With many other improvements behind the scenes, users will experience significantly improved system performance levels.

Document management clients will shortly receive a user guide taking them through the enhancements step by step.