Quilldex Benchmarking Analysis

Our data depicts instruction volumes by specialism.

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About Quilldex benchmarking report

The purpose of Quilldex is to empower law firms to gain accurate insights into sector activity, broken down into case types, as well as benchmark practice performance via reports extracted from their own case management systems. We compared this against our dataset which is taken from an anonymised, representative sample of our software users; the total number comprising some 7% of all law firms across England, Wales and Scotland.

Quilldex allows you to pinpoint a return to near-normal market levels and identify commonality in experience with a significant proportion of the sector’s businesses; both of which bring confidence for the UK economy’s recovery of which legal services form a major part.

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“While the adverse impact of coronavirus has been felt by us all and Covid-19 itself deemed an unwelcome catalyst for change, Quilldex is an informative data source proving that law firms have adapted well during these disrupted past weeks, and are in a position to get back to a strong semblance of normality with instructions on the rise and the future of their company more assured. At Quill, our aim has always been to assist law firms by supplying technology and outsourced services which optimise operating models and reinforce strategic plans, and, now, accelerate growth during uncertain times. Our Quilldex matter-creation tracker is yet another means through which law firms can better guarantee success henceforth by drawing upon its reliable facts and figures and relating to their own day-to-day work.” – Julian Bryan, Managing Director, Quill

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Practice areas by work type impacted by Covid-19

Showing clear signs of recovery in the sector, legal activity in September bounced back to an average of 19% more than pre-Covid levels, according to the legal matters benchmarking tool, Quilldex.

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New instructions surge past pre-lockdown levels

The all-cases index shows that new instructions dipped to around 50% of January averages during April and May—but then rebounded to well above that benchmark across most areas of law in July, which is a promising sign.

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The Covid-19 impact on family law

Widespread court closures, a post-lockdown backlog, financial uncertainty and the emotional pressures of isolation, exacerbated by illness or poor mental health, are seen as the likely causes of an upsurge in family law.

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