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Let’s face it, software and outsourcing services are the operational hub of your law firm, as they allow you to change from a hard-working business into a smart-working business.

But, navigating your software options, selecting the right outsourced support and making an assortment of other business-critical decisions that positively (or negatively!) impact the day-to-day running of your practice is a real challenge.

That’s why we’ve published a series of eBooks packed full of hints and tips on how to make the best choices to achieve your goals and succeed in a digital, competitive, heavily regulated sector.

One of our first eBooks, ‘15-step guide to starting your own law firm’, has just been updated to reflect marketplace and industry developments, and bring you further timely advice straight from the mouths of entrepreneurs who’ve launched their own law firm. Be sure to download our latest version at

To remind you about the rest of our downloadable resources, there’s also:

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15-Step Guide To Starting Your Own Law Firm