Case study: SDM Legal


Quill Type is pivotal to SDM Legal’s business strategy

Whilst still in its business’s infancy, SDM Legal outsourced its typing to Quill as an inexpensive way to procure expert typing support.

The Challenge:

Martin Stafford, Director at SDM Legal, explains: “When we first started using Quill Type, we were only seven months old with three fee earners and no support staff. This structure was a conscious decision as a means of controlling our overheads at a time when we needed to manage our spending.

“By then, we were already using Quill’s Interactive legal accountscase and document management software, and Pinpoint outsourced cashiering service. Type is simply another facet of Quill and is priced affordably. There’s one clear rate so we know exactly where we stand financially.

The Solution:

“Not having to recruit internally for a typing role is a major benefit of Type. This saves us all the usual employment troubles which you have to contend with as part of the recruitment process. For companies like ours setting out in business and located away from traditional legal centres, recruiting staff is tricky because of limitations to our budget and talent pool respectively. Thankfully, Quill solves the problem so we don’t even need to think about it.”

Type is the result of a close tie-up between Quill and Document Direct, with typing undertaken by the latter’s outsourced team of experienced legal secretaries. Type’s specialism in the law sector guarantees a high degree of accuracy in documents produced, whatever the nature of their content or purpose.

“We entrust Type with all manner of substantial documentation, from complicated instructions to counsel to detailed witness statements,” continues Martin. “For documents like these, it would easily take a full day to type ourselves but with Type it’s turned around accurately and speedily. In only four hours, to be precise. When court and other deadlines are mounting, this brings immense peace of mind.”

One of the appealing features of Type is 24/7 service availability. Typing can be performed during the working day and out of hours, with both options being charged at the same rate.

“As a business, we’re trying to work smarter during our contracted hours,” adds Martin. “Type is a pivotal part of this strategy. What we don’t get done by close of business, we outsource to Type. We’re then able to do as we please in the evening and at weekends. Otherwise typing tasks can have a tendency to impinge on our free time. After a busy day in the office and at court, it’s so nice being able to relax and unwind.”

The Future:

When asked if he’d recommend Type to other law firms, Martin states: “Quite frankly, I don’t know where we’d be today or how we’d cope without Quill’s support. We depend upon Quill as our principal supplier for software and outsourcing services, and urge anyone in our position to do the same. Whether it’s complete practice management software, outsourced cashiering and now outsourced typing support, choose Quill.”