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How to flood-defend your legal practice


As the storms continue and flood warnings persist, we’re reminded of the need to build adequate defences which will protect ourselves against future flooding disasters.

It’s impossible to stem the oncoming waters but we can reduce the impact of flooding.

From a personal perspective, this may mean stocking up on sandbags; fitting door seals, anti backflow valves and vent guards; moving precious possessions to upper levels; and ensuring you have somewhere safe to go, should conditions deteriorate to life-threatening status.

The same applies to your businesses. Bad-weather-instigated disruptions cost our country £millions in recovery fees, lost productivity and custom. In some cases, your practice’s future is at stake. Suffering severe flood-triggered losses can be irrecoverable. Not to mention the devastating impact on your clients’ legal matters during office shutdowns.

It’s all about effective business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

As a legal service provider, your company’s entirely dependent upon your people and your IT. Effective planning should identify the risks and failure points, introduce processes to minimise their potential disruption, and allocate roles and resources in response to emergency situations. Testing your plan is a worthwhile exercise too. The results of training drills will assist in refining your plans further still.

With the right planning, you can sustain service delivery during unforeseen circumstances.

Here’s how to flood-defend your law firm…

  • Outsource your IT – our hosted Interactive practice management and legal accounts software gives uninterrupted, any time, any place, any device access
  • Store your matters in the cloud – our Document Management Software enables paperless office working with case documents available via a safe internet connection
  • Outsource your cashiering and payroll – our Pinpoint and Payroll services provide a ‘business as usual’ guarantee during working hours

We’ll keep your IT up and running, data backed up and core functions operating as normal, even when the flood waters rise.

Find out more today.  Contact us by email at or call 0845 226 2587.

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