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Quill-Redbrick integration


To perform at your best, you need systems in place to manage every aspect of your law firm, from business intelligence and case management to legal accounts and risk management.

With Quill and Redbrick’s integrated solution, that’s exactly what you get…

Use our Interactive software for SRA- and CLC-compliant legal accounting, Redbrick Practice Management for everything else and synchronise with the MS Office suite for even closer integration. By doing so, you can:-

  • Save time: utilise a single-interface package to progress matters from inception to completion with a full audit trail throughout
  • Improve accuracy: enter data only once to cut duplication and reduce the potential for data input error
  • Extract proper intelligence: draw reports on shared data for comprehensive insights into past performance and forecast into the future
  • Mitigate risk: subscribe to add-on modules for ID checks and property searches to run a safer business
  • Get extra support: select our Pinpoint cashiering service, thereafter log daily e-chits and let our expert accounts team do the rest
  • Save money: replace onerous software and hardware costs with pay-as-you-go (Quill) and cost-per-file (Redbrick) pricing models
  • Become more competitive: introduce efficiencies front and back office to perform at optimum capacity and compete with the rest
  • Enjoy a raft of other benefits: not least workflow assistance to automate your repetitive tasks

With Quill and Redbrick, connect and unify your preferred systems to operate together seamlessly without switching screens, windows or folders.

Read our case studies and contact us for costings or a no-obligation demonstration.

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