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Bundledocs integration now available!

Posted: 6th September, 2019 Bundledocs integration now available!
Our Interactive case and document management software now integrates with Bundledocs, giving you document generation and bundling functionality at its best.
Take any combination of documents from Interactive, and quickly and easily compile numbered, indexed, sectioned and hyperlinked booklets – or bundles - in minutes. Regardless of size, you can subsequently change your bundles in seconds.
Not only can you merge matter centric data from Interactive to your precedent letters and store them within the in-built document management system, but now, with tight integration between the systems, you can put a mixture of those documents into bundles for court, counsel or other purposes in Bundledocs.

By operating a fully integrated Interactive-Bundledocs set up, you can:-

Julian Bryan, MD at Quill, comments: “Our integration with Bundledocs is a way of helping legal professionals to handle document preparation in a streamlined manner. Integration is so straightforward because it’s cloud talking to cloud. With rising volumes of law firms embracing cloud technologies, it’s a great time to announce our true cloud bundling tool to the industry. Joint users can maximise efficiencies by running our two systems in tandem.”
To start using Interactive and Bundledocs today, and to run a free 30-day trial of Bundledocs to try out the seamless integration before making any financial commitment, please email or call 0161 236 2910.

Watch Bundledocs' YouTube video showcasing Interactive-Bundledocs integration.