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On our bikes for Cycle to Work Day

Posted: 16th July, 2014

We're supporting the government-backed annual Cycle to Work Day initiative by incentivising staff to cycle into the office in return for a free breakfast on 4th September 2014.

Event participants can receive other benefits too.  For example, hundreds of retailers up and down the country are providing free bike health checks to ensure the trusty steeds are fit for purpose cycling along busy city centre or bumpy country roads.  Not forgetting, of course, the health benefits of cycling activity as opposed to travelling by car or public transport.

With a number of Quill employees as existing members of the Cycle to Work Scheme, it's anticipated that the one-off Cycle to Work Day will encourage others to become involved at least for the day, but potentially on a more routine basis.

Julian Bryan, Managing Director at Quill Pinpoint, explains: "We're thinking short and long term by inviting our employees to take part on the day in the hope that a percentage of them may then decide that cycling to work is preferable to other means of commuting for a whole host of reasons.

Active scheme members are enthusiastic about improvements to their health and back pockets, because the regular exercise builds up their fitness and the financial savings are substantial whether it's petrol and parking fees or season ticket costs that they no longer have to waste money on week in, week out.

Once they've bought their bike and safety accessories, cycling is completely free.  They can even buy these cheaply with the scheme-only tax-free discounts available.

The company standpoint is that we're helping the environment as well as helping ourselves and our clients.  After all, if our staff are healthier and arriving to work earlier, productivity levels are higher".

Read more about Cycle to Work Day which is championed by multi gold medal winning Paralympic cyclist, Dame Sarah Storey at


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