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15-step guide to starting your own law firm

If you’re just starting out or thinking about taking the plunge, download our step-by-step eBook, focused on how to manage matters, compliance and finances. The download also outlines 10 common mistakes to avoid that put law firms at risk of SRA non-compliance and powerful lessons learned from entrepreneurs behind successful law firms.

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How law firms can go paperless in 2021

There’s a reason why practices hesitate to go fully digital – we all understand the need to ditch physical files – but how do you start? Download our helpful eBook to understand the RIGHT and the very WRONG way of going about your paperless law firm initiative.

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Ultimate guide to LinkedIn for legal professionals

If you are wondering how you can better use LinkedIn for your law firm, here are the top 10 best practices to improving your profiles and posting in a more authentic way.

Topics covered:

– How to use LinkedIn to stand out and attract new clients, employees and followers
– Helpful tips on how to optimise your profile
– What type of content is the best to be sharing
– What types of activities on the platform can generate new business

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Guide to the best legal tech tools for UK 2021

Discover what tech tools to invest in, why go paperless and how you can make the tools you already have at your disposal work harder. With hundreds of options out there, identifying what technology your law firm actually needs can be difficult. Which begs the question: what tech DO law practices need?

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Why our customers love us

Read our latest case studies and testimonials.

Roger James Clements

Read why Roger James Clements switched from Osprey to Quill to help them achieve its paperless vision.

Blackfords LLP

Advice from Trevor Francis at Blackfords LLP on how software reduces court bundle prep from 2 days to 20 minutes.

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GN Law

Andrew Guile has grown GN Law from 10 to 50 employees in 15 years with the help of technology.

Upcoming webinars and events

Quill uncovers… LinkedIn for Law Part II (webinar)

Join us on October 6th for our follow-up QUILL UNCOVERS webinar on LinkedIn. Register now for an interactive Q&A with gurus Sahar Farooqi (DAC Beachcroft), Stuart Kaye (Adams Kaye) and Yvonne Boateng (LinkedIn consultant).

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Quill uncovers… How to master difficult conversations (webinar)

Join us 21st of October for our next QUILL UNCOVERS webinar. We’ll discuss mastering difficult conversations, presented by Jo Andrews and Katie Boston from The Training Rock, normally charged at £100 but FREE through Quill.

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Quill uncovers…The future of the law firm office: What leadership should be thinking about (Webinar)

Our QUILL UNCOVERS webinar series continues in November with ‘The future of the law firm office: What leadership should be thinking about’ run by Quill’s Managing Director Julian Bryan, helping you better understand how to engage with employees and improve well-being.

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Upcoming 2021 legal and law awards

Do you have a success story to share? We’ve built a database of legal and law awards for 2021 to help you apply and showcase the achievements of your organisation to the rest of the industry. This includes The Law Society Excellence Awards, The Lawyer Awards, Scottish Legal Awards, Chambers UK Bar Awards, British Legal Technology Awards plus discipline-specific awards in conveyancing, family law, and wills & probate.

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Quilldex benchmarking report

Download this free report to access data depicting instruction volumes by specialism. Gain accurate insights into sector activity, pinpoint a return to near-normal market levels, benchmark your practice performance and identify commonality in experience with your counterparts. Matters are automatically categorised to a case type in order to facilitate a picture of change at a case type level.

Last updated 30 August 2021

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Legal news

Q&A on legal aid with Steve Keeling and David Gilmore at DG Legal

Legal aid is always changing. Keeping up with these changes is no small challenge. That’s why we quizzed legal aid gurus DG Legal’s Steve Keeling and David Gilmore, so that law firms can understand what’s changed these past months in order to fully comply with their Legal Aid Agency obligations.

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2021 legal forms news: Conveyancing forms TA6 & TR1’s roadmap to digitisation

The TA6 part 1 and TR1 Law Society legal forms are going digital this year, with electronic submissions and digital signatures. Archie Courage at FormEvo explains what to expect and why in 2021 with regards to these two key conveyancing forms, and how to access them via the Quill Forms service.

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Disbursements and expenses: VAT and its application

Helpful advice on how to classify expenditure within Quill’s software around tagging disbursements and expenses.

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Tips and tricks

10 top tips for quality dictation and flawless typing

Follow our dictation tips so you can convert dictations quicker and the accuracy of your typed-up documents will be even more precise.

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How to manage legal software integration like a hero

With our complete practice management software, pick ‘n’ mix solutions and third-party integrators, you get the right systems for optimum client and matter management.

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10 top tips on how to retain your talent

Software can make the world of difference because it eases employees’ workloads by streamlining and automating otherwise-repetitive duties. Read other tips to retain your talent.

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Contingency and disaster recovery planning

Business continuity and contingency planning best practices for law firms

Here’s a practical guide to maintaining business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) planning whilst working remotely during coronavirus and beyond.

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Top ten disaster recovery and business continuity planning tips for lawyers

What’s your plan to recover from disaster and get back on track to plan A? And, what’s your plan for continuing running your business during lesser disturbances?

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How to flood-defend your legal practice

Bad-weather-instigated disruptions cost our country £millions in recovery fees, lost productivity and custom. Read how to ensure your law firm is not affected.

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Combatting risk and fraud

Software swap guide: four tips to protecting your data

Four tips to help you easily and painlessly switch to another supplier. Remember that you are responsible for safeguarding your data and the best way to do this is to find a reputable and trustworthy software vendor right at the outset.

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8 tips to combat fraud for legal practices

Cyber security is a business risk. Here are eight top tips to combat fraud in your law firm and the proactive steps you can take to tighten your defences.

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10 top tips on desktop security for law firms

Cyber security is a high-risk threat. Read how you can protect yourself with our top ten desktop security tips.

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