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NEW: Police Station App

Posted: 21st June, 2017 NEW: Police Station App

First, you get your DSCC call, head to the station, there's no internet so out comes pen and paper.

Later, back at the office, you trawl through your notes, decipher your rushed handwriting and input into your software.

It's time consuming, inefficient and downright frustrating.

But, there is an alternative... our Police Station App.

Installed on your Windows tablet or laptop, our Police Station App allows you to:-

Linked to Interactive, our award-winning practice management and legal accounts software, everything's then saved to the same centralised location along with your other matter documents.

Your working life will be much easier and more profitable as a result.

By using both systems in tandem - Police Station App and Interactive - experience a whole raft of bolt-on benefits such as risk management assistance, business intelligence insights and business continuity guarantee, to name a few.

As an added incentive to purchase, if yours is one of the first five orders placed between now and 31st July, we'll give you a brand new Windows tablet to take with you on police station visits. Email us at or call 0161 236 2910 for further details, request a quote and order.

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