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Our elves are powering your business this Christmas

Posted: 14th December, 2018 Our elves are powering your business this Christmas

As you and your employees begin looking forward to some much-needed time off work to enjoy the season’s festivities with family and friends, the Quill elves are keeping your business up-and-running over Christmas.

Although we’re taking a break ourselves during the Christmas holidays, officially shutting down on 21st December and re-opening on 2nd January, throughout this period we’ll be constantly monitoring our servers and network infrastructure thereby giving you an uptime guarantee, responding to urgent support queries to resolve any unexpected technical issues should they arise, as well as providing a skeleton cashiering service upon request to process urgent accounts transactions.

Note too that our outsourced typing service is often used for overflow support, either for busy periods or when firms are short-staffed. Christmas, then, is an ideal time to enlist temporary typing assistance from your trusted supplier.

Pick and choose from our expansive portfolio this Yuletide:-

Interactive: 99.9% uptime, 247 remote access to your matters, data and documents with our popular case management, legal accounting and document management system.

Pinpoint: Automatic back-up if your cashier’s out of the office and additional help during holidays give assurance of round-the-clock cashiering provision.

Type: Document production’s kept on track with our typing service whereby expertly typed-up documents are saved straight to your Interactive library.

Payroll: With uninterrupted service provided as standard, make sure your staff still get paid and pension contributions uploaded, even when holidaying.

You see, at Quill, our promise is this: we’re always in. Our systems work tirelessly 365 so that our clients experience business-as-usual at all times of the year, Christmas included.

Contact our team to find out more. Email or call 0161 236 2910. Then simply relax and unwind over Christmas knowing that your core systems and functions are taken care of. You deserve it.