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Important update on MTD for VAT

Posted: 18th April, 2019 Important update on MTD for VAT

As you may know, our Interactive legal accounting software is approved for use by HMRC and we've submitted a number of VAT returns to HMRC using the new functionality. Quill clients can now choose to enrol with HMRC for MTD but please be aware that from the moment you successfully enrol, you'll be expected to submit your next VAT return using the new software even if this is before your mandated date.

You might wish to consider completing and submitting your VAT return for the quarters ending March or April or May 2019 using the ‘old method’ and then immediately enrol with HMRC for MTD. However, do give yourself plenty of time to enrol before your next VAT quarter is due as we've had some reports of difficulties enrolling with HMRC’s MTD for VAT portal.

Please use this aide memoire to check for when you must submit your return using MTD compatible software:-

VAT quarter Submission window using MTD for VAT compatible software
April to June 1st July to 7th August 2019
May to July 1st August to 7th September 2019
June to August 1st September to 7th October 2019

In addition, if you've not already done so:-

Check your VAT number

Ensure your VAT number for your business is entered in Interactive and is correct.

Check your VAT quarters

Make sure that your VAT quarter details entered into Interactive Accounts match your actual quarters held by HMRC.

Assign roles

VAT submissions can only be made using Interactive Cloud. The new functionality introduces four new authorisation ‘roles’. These roles are:-

Each individual in your practice allowed to fulfil one of these roles must have their own unique and valid Interactive licence. Most staff in your practice will already have a licence but if the relevant staff don't have a valid licence, please contact us at For clients using our Pinpoint outsourced cashiering service, you'll only need to check if you have a licence so you can fulfil the role to ‘authorise a submission to be made’. The other roles will be filled by your cashier or cashiering supervisor.

From your list of licensed users, you'll need to decide who should be authorised to fulfil each of these roles ie ‘view and prepare’, ‘make manual adjustments and send for internal approval’, ‘authorise a submission to be made’ and ‘make submissions’. This might be the same or a different person depending on your own internal procedures. For clients using our Pinpoint service to submit VAT returns as your Agent, your cashier will have the role to view and prepare and make manual adjustments while your cashiering supervisor will have the role to submit on your behalf, but you'll still need to nominate someone in your practice to authorise the VAT return to be submitted.

Please email with:-

For any specific assistance for MTD, please do get in touch with us by emailing