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Manchester office move

Posted: 13th May, 2019 Manchester office move

To reinforce our presence in Manchester while accommodating objectives for future growth and providing a superior working environment for our employees, our head office is moving to Castle Quay in Castlefield on 20th May.

Taking over 4,000 sq ft of office space, occupying a full floor in the Castle Quay building comprising a large open plan office with hot desk area and separate meeting rooms, our new site offers team collaboration zones as well as quiet spaces for focused activity.

We remain in the heart of the city in a central location with abundant nearby amenities and strong network links in closer proximity to Spinningfields, Manchester's up-and-coming legal hub. As a leading supplier of software for law firms and outsourced services for any business type, the move to Castlefield enables us to better serve our clients, legal practices and otherwise, based in Manchester and further afield.

Julian Bryan, MD, comments: "Our head office staff are mostly Mancunians who are proud of their northern heritage. It's fitting that we've chosen a converted warehouse steeped in history which reflects Manchester's industrial background. Manchester continues to be the hub of our operations and our new office manifests Quill's long-established status whilst presenting a modern space that encompasses the latest technologies to support our flexible workforce."

From 20th May, Quill will be found at Castle Quay, Manchester, M15 4NT.